Where is the amulet in the catacombs?

The amulet is located in the catacombs of the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun, in the northern most room. There are two tables, each of which has a candle with a red wreath around it. Facing the north wall, the amulet is on the table on the right.

How do I recover Andurs Amulet of Arkay?

Open the Catacombs and walk in. You’ll face skeletons with Ancient Nordic weapons and that is it. Walk straight and you’ll find the Amulet with help from your quest marker, but it’s in the Northern room disguised in the wreath on the right table.

Where can I get an amulet of Arkay?


  • Radiant Raiment in Solitude sells them infrequently.
  • Dropped as random loot by Draugr in the Snow Veil Sanctum.
  • Wayward Pass – Resting upon a table grave through the mountains southwest of Winterhold.
  • Markarth – Brother Verulus carries one, and is given as a reward for investigating the Hall of the Dead.
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Can Dragoon gear be dropped?

Also he drops vangaurd gear. Also also, now you areable to see where people got their gear.

How do I get an amulet of Dibella?


  1. Innkeeper Haelga, Haelga’s Bunkhouse, Riften.
  2. May be found as random loot from Stormcloak and Imperial soldiers, as well as Hold Guards.
  3. May be found in Riftweald Manor during the Thieves Guild questline.
  4. May be found in Uthgerd’s House in Whiterun.
  5. May be sold at Radiant Raiment in Solitude.

Where is the Hall of dead?

Hall of the Dead is a Public Dungeons located in Windhelm in The Elder Scrolls Online. This dungeon grants a quest and contains a Skyshard has Provisioning materials and several Books.

Where is wayward pass in Skyrim?

Location. Wayward Pass is a path in between two mountains southwest of Winterhold and southeast of Dawnstar and directly south of Alftand. There is a shrine of Arkay here as well as one of his amulets and iron armor. The unique Ancient Traveler’s Skull can also be found here.

Who is Andurs in Skyrim?

Andurs is a Nord priest of Arkay living in the Hall of the Dead located in Whiterun. He tasks you to find his Amulet of Arkay which helps him perform the death rituals. The amulet was unfortunately dropped in the catacombs within the halls of the dead and Andurs will not go in due to strange noises.

Where is Lydia’s body Skyrim?

User Info: darkportal785. Check the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun. Her body should be there.

What is the best amulet in Skyrim?

The 10 Most Powerful Amulets In Skyrim

  • 8 Amulet Of Akatosh.
  • 7 Charmed Necklace.
  • 6 Kyne’s Token.
  • 5 The Locket Of Saint Jiub.
  • 4 Amulet Of Articulation.
  • 3 Amulet Of Bats.
  • 2 Amulet Of The Gargoyle.
  • 1 The Gauldur Amulet.
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How do you start the taste of death in Skyrim?

To start this quest, speak to Brother Verulus. You can find him in Understone Keep, blocking a door to the Hall of the Dead. Talk to him about the Hall of the Dead and offer assistance. He will give you a key and tell you to investigate.

How hard is it to get Dragoon gear?

If you average 15 minutes per a run, you would take around 50 hours to get the necessary reagents to craft dragoon (50x4x15/60 for salt which is the hardest to get though abandoned). You will end up crafting some of the salts because it’s a pain to get.

Can you get Dragoon gear without crafting?

The Dragoon Gear can only be crafted. The gear recipes show that they require the associated Vanguard gear item (e.g., the Fire Dragoon Robe requires the Fire Vanguard Robe).

Where can I farm Dragoon gear in wizard101?

The easiest way in my opinion to farm the Dragoon gear is to start with Abandon house. This dungeon is great because it drops all the reagents necessary to craft the Dragoon Armor. It drops Extract, Salts and Crystals. Not to mention it drops the Vanguard Hat as well which makes it faster to craft the Dragoon Hat.

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