How do I get to the cave above the white tree?

You will be told about the entrance to a cistern being located on top of the cliff next to the white tree. Head to the location marked on your map and climb the white tree there. Continue on the only path there until you reach the cave entrance, you can also grab some collectibles on the way here.

How do I get to Mankos remains?

Reach Manko’s remains After dropping into the water below, dive down to find some Gold Ore and then swim through the underwater tunnel to continue. Examine the wall mural straight ahead for some optional dialogue and then push the lever in the next room to raise the water level and swim out of the chamber.

How do you get to the skull cave in Tomb Raider?

Finding the Cave The first thing that you need to do is to head on towards Unuratu’s home. As you are going there, you will be informed that they have moved to the Skull Cave which is on a lower tier. There will be an objective marker for you to move to Uchu and Jonah through the crevice in the wall.

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Where is Poma Tomb Raider?

Free him as you did the others. After liberating all 4 rebels, the mission objective is updated: Return to Poma. His location, back in SKULL CAVE, is marked on your map with a green icon. You can either go there on foot or use any base camp to fast travel to the SKULL CAVE Base Camp.

How do I get blue heron tunic?

Blue Heron Tunic This is a full body outfit for Lara Croft and players will acquire it when they enter Paititi. This outfit will allow Lara to interact with the rebels.

How do I beat nahual?

Defeat the Nahual Exit the structure and put some distance between you and the jaguar and then take aim with your bow. Once you’ve done enough damage, the Nahual will return inside the structure, allowing you to approach and collect the Champion’s Bow. Beast of Legend: Defeat the Nahual.

How do I get out of the hidden city tomb?

Exiting the tomb There is a survival cache directly ahead of you. Turn left from the cache and continue following the tunnel. When you reach the gap, jump across to the pickaxe wall. Climb around to the left, then jump to the next pickaxe wall on your left.

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