How many amulets pickpocket FFX?

Pickpocket is an Armor Auto-Ability for the game Final Fantasy X. Its effect improves odds of stealing rare items. It can be customized to an armor by using 30 Amulets.

Can you steal dark matter FFX?

Obtained. Dark Matter can be bribed from Land Worm, with roughly two dropping for 2,000,000 gil. Though expensive, this is the most reliable way to obtain it. Another way to obtain it repeatedly is to battle Dark Yojimbo (in the International and HD Remaster versions).

What is pickpocket FFX?

Pickpocket: 50% chance of rare item, 50% chance of common item. Neither: 25% chance of rare item, 75% chance of common item. Master thief is much easier to get. You can get the required items from the chocobo race at remiem temple, or from bribing ultima weapon. If you want the rare item, use this.

What does Hypello potion do?

Hypello Potion are Rare Steal from Mafdet in Lake Macalania. Cast Protect, Shell, Haste, Regen And Auto-Life On All Party Members. This is a super OP move because of the Auto-Life. You can also use a Light, Luna or Star Curtain instead of a Healing Spring.

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How do I get an amulet in FFX?

Final Fantasy X -2 The Amulet is an accessory that raises the wearer’s Magic by 10. It can be bought for 1,000 gil from Rin’s Travel Agency in the Calm Lands in (chapters 1/2), dropped by Guardian Beast and stolen from League Mage.

How do I get pendulum FFX?

User Info: Lewkis. I know the primary ways of getting Pendulums consists of bribing 1.4 million to Ultima Weapon for 99, bribing 990k to Master Tonberries for 3 (or so), or winning the Remiem race for 30.

Is Anima Seymour’s mother?

Like all aeons, Anima is the physical manifestation of a dream of a specific fayth—in this case, Seymour’s mother, whose real name remains unidentified. She may or may not be named Anima herself; Yojimbo’s name is the same as his fayth, but Jecht’s aeon form is named after the summoner who called him to defeat Sin.

Where can I farm dark matter?

But if you want to farm dark matters anyway, a better way is to fight Sleep Sprout in the Monster Arena: Species Conquest. It can be killed in one hit with max damage, and will drop either 2 teleport spheres or 2 dark matters.

What is the best armor in FFX?

Three abilities depending on the situation. There is no cut and dry ” best armor ” but Auto-Haste is hands down the best armor ability.

How do you beat Stratoavis?

Strategy. The Stratoavis being made from the creatures from Besaid makes it one of the easier monsters to defeat. It is recommended to use a weapon that has either Counterattack or Evade & Counter. Stratoavis is not immune to Slow attacks, but it will only work 10% of the time because of its Slow resistance.

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How do you get Confuseproof FFX?

Go back to mt gagazet caves. Steal musk from the eyeball monsters. IIRC you need 16 musk for confuse ward or 48 for confuseproof, and you will get 2-3 for each successful steal.

How do I get musk FFX?

You can fight Ahriman from Mt. Gagazet in Monster Arena for 975 gil. Common Steal is Musk x2 and Rare Steal is Musk x3. You can steal up to three times per encounter.

Where can I find shred FFX?

Shred is a fiend in Final Fantasy X found in the Calm Lands. It shares its model with the Halma. It has a hard shell only punctured with Piercing weapons.

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