Where is the ghost skull?

The ghost’s skull is a quest item used in The Restless Ghost. It is found in the Wizards’ Tower basement by searching the altar. After searching the altar a skeleton will appear.

Where is the ghost in lumbridge?

The ghost’s skull is located in the Lumbridge swamp, near the south-east mining site. Search the rocks a bit to the east, and the skull will appear in your inventory. A skeleton warlock (level 7) will spawn when the skull is retrieved; you can either kill it or simply leave the area with the skull.

Where is my ghost speak amulet?

The ghostspeak amulet or Amulet of Ghostspeak is obtained during The Restless Ghost quest, from Father Uhrney in the Lumbridge Swamp. If the amulet has been lost, a player can always speak with Father Uhrney to receive another one. When worn, it can be used to talk with some ghosts.

How do I get Ectotoken?

Obtaining Ecto-tokens Players can earn ecto-tokens by worshipping the Ectofuntus; 5 tokens are granted per worship. Players can only worship 200 times before the Ectofuntus is full. Players must claim their earned ecto-tokens (200 worships will grant 1000 ecto-tokens) in order to continue worshipping.

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Where does the restless ghost start?

“The Restless Ghost ” redirects here. Details.

Start point Speak to Father Aereck in the chapel south-east of Lumbridge Castle.
Official difficulty Novice
Description A ghost is haunting Lumbridge graveyard. The priest of the Lumbridge church of Saradomin wants you to find out how to get rid of it.
Official length Short


Do you need to complete restless ghost for animal magnetism?

Since you have to do The Restless Ghost (1125 pray xp) and Priest in Peril(1406 prayer xp) for Animal magnetism, total is 1125+1406 = 2531 xp, which is level 15.

How do you get Father Urhney spare skull?

Father Urhney’s spare skull is an item used in the 20th Anniversary celebrations. It is obtained from Father Urhney, and is given to the restless ghost in exchange for extra, extra fine flour. You must first search the rocks east of the mining site in order to obtain the skull from Father Urhney.

What does the ghost skull do in Halo?

Ghost Edit. The Ghost Skull sitting above the doorway in Halo 2. Effect: A.I. characters will not flinch from attacks, melee or otherwise.

Where can I kill ghosts in rs3?


  • Varrock Sewers.
  • Upstairs in Draynor Manor.
  • Melzar’s Maze, one ghost drops the orange key required for the Dragon Slayer quest (level 12)
  • Stronghold of Security, Sepulchre of Death (level 42)
  • Taverley Dungeon.
  • West Ardougne Graveyard.
  • Scorpius Shrine south-west of Ardougne (level 28)
  • Lair of Tarn Razorlor (dungeon)

Where are the eggs in lumbridge?

To acquire a super large egg, visit the chicken farm in Lumbridge. The chicken farm is located east of the River Lum and west of the cow field. You can pick up the super large egg there.

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Where can I find Father Urhney?

Father Urhney is an irritable Saradominist priest who lives as a hermit in the Lumbridge Swamp, in a shack that he built himself.

Where is the Wizards Tower Runescape?

The Wizards ‘ Tower is a famous Saradominist institute of magic and runecrafting in Misthalin. The immense tower is located on a small island south of Draynor Village, connected to the mainland by an exquisite bridge.

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