How do you get the mysterious artifact rogue lineage?

You need to be a Super and above to pick up this artifact. Using a Mysterious Artifact allows you to choose between one of the 4 aforementioned artifacts, or a Phoenix Down. Finding a Mysterious Artifact is the only way to obtain those artifacts, except Phoenix Down, which anyone can find naturally.

What are the chances of getting construct rogue lineage?

Construct is most definitely a 100% luck based as I had gotten the race on a day 4 freshie.

What does FF mean in rogue lineage?


Acronym/Shortened Meaning
HF Howler Friend
FF Fairfrozen
Baima’s Baima’s Mask
PF Phoenix Feather


What does a phoenix feather do rogue lineage?

Effects: Charging Mana will regen your health at incredibly rapid at the cost of using up your hunger.

How do you get the ice essence lineage in rogue?

Obtained: Found in any trinket spawn. More common in Tundra.

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Where do I find Scroom key?

How to Obtain

  1. Be a Scroom.
  2. Find a Scroom Key.
  3. Go to Sky Castle.
  4. Open the locked metal door with the key.
  5. Put the key in the golden plate on the table.

How long is 1 day in rogue lineage?

Notes. Daylight is approximately 40 minutes long, whilst night time is the latter 20. Day spans across the 10th (XX:10) minute of an hour to the 50th minute (XX:50), with the rest being taken by night.

How do you get the rogue lineage in Kingsbane?

Description. Kingsbane is a legendary potion made from a crown flower and two vile seeds.

How do you get the title of uber rogue lineage?

You receive a random title that belongs to your class upon completing your Uber class quest, and for 500 Valu you can reroll your title at the Grand Archives (House NPC).

What does spider cloak do in Rogue lineage?

Dragon Sage: Spider Cloak have less HP (15 less) and HP regen (0.65 less) than Dragon Sage armor, but provide a lot of other stats and especially the insane climb speed, which make using Lightning Drop very easy mid fight with just a wall. Cadence: Spider Cloak is a straight up upgrade from the Cadence armor.

How do you get the strange feather lineage in Assassin’s Creed Rogue?

Go to the Yeti Cave (Near the location of the Sanctum Spear) and talk to the Yeti, and he will grant you a Strange Feather.

How many artifacts can you have in KHEI?

In Khei, artifacts can either spawn or be obtained by speaking to the collector. He will offer you two artifacts to choose from, but permanently take away 10% of your max HP. Each time you use him, he will cycle in locations.

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