Where do you find the amulet coin?

The best place to pick up the Amulet Coin is just outside Motostoke, at the Motostoke Outskirts, near Galar Mine No. 2. Here, you will find a blue sign when you exit the mines, and behind the sign, you will find the Amulet Coin in a Poké Ball.

Where is the amulet coin in Sinnoh?


  • You can find one in Amity Square. User Info: Fullmetal_Mage. Fullmetal_Mage (Expert) – 11 years ago 3 4.
  • You can find an Amulet Coin in Amity Square in Hearthome City. User Info: ashisawesome843.
  • Go to amity square, then go to the ruin closet to the upper right hand corner. Look inside and talk to your pokemon.

How do you get coins in Pokemon Platinum?

Re: how do you get lot of coins in pokemon platinum There should be a pattern for each. Aim to note when the Pikachu and the Replay icons go by, as they stand out a fair bit. Proceed one reel at a time, trying for Pikachus and Replays. Once you’re good at this, try to aim for 7’s and Moon Stones.

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Can you stack Amulet Coin and luck incense?

In battle. The Luck Incense doubles the amount of prize money received after battle if the holder takes part in the battle. Luck Incense does not stack with Amulet Coin or other Luck Incenses; however, it does stack with Happy Hour and Prize Money Power.

Does Amulet Coin affect payday?

Pay Day does damage and scatters coins on the ground with a value equal to twice the user’s level for each time it is used. The Amulet Coin doubles the number of coins picked up when held by a Pokémon in battle.

Where can I buy Amulet Coin sword?

To find the Amulet Coin in Sword and Shield you are going to head to Motostoke Outskirts which is the area right outside of the Galar Mine No 2 just a tad west of the actual city. Once there, head to the sign right by the mine entrance and look for the shiny object on the ground-and boom, an Amulet Coin.

What is the fastest way to get money in Pokemon Platinum?

Other Answers

  1. Get a Luck Incense or an Amulet Coin.
  2. My friend had a good strategy got him tons of money get a lv100 persian with pay day and held item amulet coin go through eliete 4, persian solo, pay day everything once this got him helps.
  3. get alot of BP and cash it in for carbos zinc and iron and then sell it.

Can you use two amulet coins?

Effect. The Amulet Coin doubles the amount of prize money received after battle if the holder takes part in the battle. Amulet Coin does not stack with Luck Incense or other Amulet Coins; however, it does stack with Happy Hour and Prize Money Power.

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How long does it take for berries to grow in Pokemon Diamond?

After about 24 hours, assuming you’ve been watering it, you will have a nice and tall berry tree. Now, the number of berries you receive depends on how often you water it. If you don’t water it at all, or very seldom, it will only grow two berries. If you water it frequently, you can get three or more berries.

How do I use the amulet coin?

  1. Cover the coin with a cloth and put it under your pillow for the night.
  2. Securely store the amulet in your purse, wallet, or secret pocket; The fabric you wrap it in should be clean; amulets do not like dirt.
  3. 3.Do not abandon the amulet, talk to it and keep it engaged, recharging it with your energy.

What Pokemon can you walk with in Amity Square?

The square is a place where Trainers can stroll peacefully with Pokémon. In Pokémon Platinum.

Pokémon partner Available items
Buneary or Psyduck or Drifloon Big Leaf
Thin Mushroom
Shroomish or Skitty or Jigglypuff or Torchic Pink Fluff


What TMS can you buy in Veilstone?

Location of Veilstone Department Store in Sinnoh. 3F: TM Corner.

Bottom cashier
TM38 (Fire Blast) 5500 TM25 (Thunder) 5500
TM14 (Blizzard) 5500 TM22 (SolarBeam) 3000
TM52 (Focus Blast) 5500 TM15 (Hyper Beam) 7500

How do you win the slots in Pokemon Platinum?

Once you enter into Clefairy Mode, it gets easier to line up G’s and 7’s by sight. If you do this, you enter into Clefairy Bonus. Why go for this mode? First, it last 15 rounds and secondly, if you trigger the slots in the order the Clefairy points to, its a WIN!

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