What is the best weapon for enchantress Diablo 3?

The weapons you mention are decent options, but the best weapon for all followers remains the Thunderfury sword, together with the Wyrdward ring equipped.

What can the enchantress equip?

The Enchantress is able to equip two-handed staves, two-handed swords, two-handed maces, or two-handed axes, two rings, one amulet and a Enchantress specific item called Enchantress Focuses at level 18.

What is the best follower for Wizard in Diablo 3?

The best two followers are Templar and Enchantress (Scoundrel is not as good ).

What does enchantress use in off-hand?

The Scoundrel uses only two weapons: the Heavy Crossbow and the standard Longbow. He cannot use the off – hand Quiver either. The Enchantress is similar to a Warhammer Bright Wizard; she can use any non-specialized two handed weapon or magic wand.

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Do any legendary gems work on followers?

Legendary Gems can be equipped by a follower, but have no effect.

How do I make hellfire amulet?

To make a Hellfire Amulet, one will need all the same materials as those for the level 70 Hellfire Ring (50,000 gold, Heart of Evil, Vial of Putridness, Leoric’s Regret, Idol of Terror), plus 10 Forgotten Souls.

What weapons can the scoundrel use in Diablo 3?

The Scoundrel is able to equip bows, two-handed crossbows, two rings, one amulet and a Scoundrel specific item called Scoundrel Tokens at level 21. Like the other followers, the Scoundrel has three tiers of gear progression, which are based upon level.

What weapons can the Templar use in Diablo 3?

The Templar is able to equip shields, one-handed axes, dagger, one-handed maces, one-handed spears, one-handed swords, two rings, one amulet and a Templar specific item called Templar Relics at level 18.

How do you fully equip followers?

To equip your follower, click on the item you’d like them to wield, and drag it to the appropriate slot in their inventory. Choose the follower and skills that best complement your play style. If you like to fight on the front lines and soak up damage, pick a follower that will heal you or delay your enemies’ attacks.

Is the Wizard good in Diablo 3?

The Wizard apparently received a big boost in the latest big update for Diablo 3. Now it’s more than a decent and respectable solo class for clearing, it has surpassed other classes due to its improvements.

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Do set items work on followers?

While your followers can equip items that have Set Bonuses when wearing multiple items from that same set, the bonuses will not work on your follower. Your follower will still be able to take advantage of the actual stats that are on the item.

Can followers use legendary gems season 23?

Followers do not benefit from Legendary Gems except Esoteric Alteration & Mutilation Guard. Set bonuses like Endless Walk or Bastions of Will, Movement Speed bonuses and any Resource related bonuses do not work either.

What is a follower item in Diablo 3?

Followers are able to equip Helm, Shoulders, Chest Armor, Gloves, Bracers, Belt, Rings, Neck, Pants, Boots, main-hand and off-hand weapon, and also a unique class-specific item. The Templar can also equip Shields.

Who is the enchantress in Diablo 3?

Eirena the Enchantress is one of the three followers featured in Diablo III.

What is a scoundrel token in Diablo 3?

Scoundrel Tokens are special items for Lyndon in Diablo III. They cannot be equipped by the player or other followers. Tokens are symbolic representations of a thief’s purpose – loaded dice, lockpicks, satchels filled with vanishing powder, and decorated non-combat daggers.

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