Is Liverto worth it BDO?

Yes, get the liverto. You have to consider the cost efficiency of everything you buy in this game if you want to progress smoothly. From liverto to kzarka is a 5 accuracy improvement and allows you to optimize your crystals/food a bit better.

Is Kzarka better than Liverto?

YES. You can. That being said, when we get +20, Kzarka has enough accuracy over Liverto to outperform by a whopping 5% damage.

Can you reform Liverto?

You cannot upgrade liverto weapons, but blue grade awakening weapons can be upgraded. Once you have your reform stone, summon your Black Spirit and click the “Item Reform ” option. You can also open the reform window directly by right-clicking the reform stone from your inventory.

Can seasonal characters use Liverto?

As mentioned by the 2 supporters above, seasonal characters are not allowed to equip normal gears (including drops from mobs, oasis, liverto and bosses).

How much do Cliff weapons sell for BDO?

A TRI enhanced Cliff’s will exchange for 300 million silver, which could go towards acquiring a better weapon.

Where can I find Liverto weapons?

As far as I know, there are only two current ways to obtain Liverto weapons. These would be from defeating a level two boss scroll, which has a chance to drop a weapon box, or field bosses scattered around the world.

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What does reform Stone do BDO?

You can only upgrade either green or blue gear to ultimate versions, using an ultimate reform stone. It then gains additional properties, usually a bit of extra basic stats, so AP or DP, as well as a bit of an extra sub stats.

How do you get Grade 3 weapon Reform stone?

– Description: This reform stone can be used when attempting to reform a weapon. – Press RMB on the item or summon the Black Spirit to start item reform. Grade 3 Weapon Reform Stone Recipe

  1. To craft Grade 3 Weapon Reform Stone, use Refinery Level 3 with:
  2. 5 Steel 8,400.
  3. 3 Melted Platinum Shard 8,100.
  4. 3 Black Crystal 10,200.

Are seasonal characters worth it BDO?

Yeah, I would recommend you restart as a seasonal. Overall making a seasonal character will put you a month ahead of someone who just started out as a regular character just from the leveling increased rate and gear when it turns to boss gear.

Should I make a seasonal character BDO?

Creating a season character in BDO provides you with many benefits, and a fresh gameplay experience!

Can I delete seasonal character BDO?

A: No, they can only be used in the season you obtained them and will be deleted before the next season server is opened.

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