How do you make alchemical Hydrix rs3?

Alchemical hydrix is the base gem for the alchemical hydrix brooch (enchanted into the Brooch of the Gods) and the Essence of Finality amulet. It can be created at an inventor’s workbench under the misc support tab with 117 Invention.

How do you get Hydrix gems in rs3?

Incomplete hydrix is an uncut gem that can be bought from the Soul Reaper rewards shop for 300 reaper points. When combined with a cut onyx, this becomes an uncut hydrix, which is used to make the amulet of souls, deathtouch bracelet, reaper necklace, ring of death, and Book of Death.

Is it worth making alchemical Hydrix?

That would make it so each Alchemical Hydrix is worth making if you want to get more bulk charges, while also making the Alchemical Onyx viable and a budget option. In any scenario, Fortunate components will remain relevant but recharging the amulet becomes slightly easier.

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Can alchemical Hydrix be assisted?

The Alchemical hydrix brooch is a piece of alchemical hydrix jewellery made at a furnace using an alchemical hydrix, 5 elder rune bars and 5 gold leaves. It can be enchanted into the Brooch of the Gods using the Lvl-6 Enchant spell or an enchant onyx tablet. It can be assisted.

How do you get fortunate components?

Fortunate components are rare materials used in the Invention skill. Level 54 Invention is required to discover them at an Inventor’s workbench and use them in a gizmo; however, this level is not required to obtain them.

How do you get uncut in Hydrix rs3?

Uncut hydrix is an uncut gem made by combining a cut onyx with an incomplete hydrix. It can be cut into a hydrix at 79 Crafting, giving 197.5 experience.

How do you make a Amulet of souls?

An amulet of souls is an amulet made by enchanting a hydrix amulet with Enchant Level 6 Jewellery (requiring 87 Magic) or an enchant onyx tablet. The amulet of souls can be decorated with a soul ornament kit. This produces an amulet of souls (or), which adds +2 to its style bonuses.

How do you make a Hydrix necklace?

A hydrix necklace is a necklace made by crafting a gold bar and a hydrix at level 90 Crafting, giving 135 experience. You do this at the Furnace by selecting the gold bar and select Hydrix necklace.

How do you make Hydrix?

A hydrix is a gem made by cutting an uncut hydrix with a chisel at 79 Crafting, giving 197.5 experience. It is used with a gold bar to make hydrix jewellery at a forge, currently the most powerful jewellery in the game.

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How do you make an amulet of finality?

The Essence of Finality amulet is a degradable alchemical hydrix necklace released on 18 August 2020 along with the Brooch of the Gods. It is made by combining an alchemical hydrix with a fully-charged amulet of souls and reaper necklace and requires level 99 Crafting which cannot be assisted.

How do you make an onyx alchemical?

An alchemical onyx is an enhanced gem researched at level 107 Invention. Making it requires an onyx, 50 refined components, 50 fortunate components and 10 precious components at an Inventor’s workbench.

How good is Amulet of souls?

Soul Split has a 50% chance to heal 25-50% more (an average of 18.75% more healing) The base damage reduction of protection prayers and deflection curses is increased by 10% (giving them 60% damage reduction)

Amulet of souls
Quest item No
Tradeable Yes
Stacks in bank Yes


How do you make a brooch of the gods?

The Brooch of the Gods is a non-degrading alchemical hydrix item worn in the pocket slot. It is made by enchanting an alchemical hydrix brooch with the Lvl-6 Enchant spell or an enchant onyx tablet. It provides +4 prayer bonus.

How do you get refined components in Runescape?

Refined components can be obtained by processing junk with a junk refiner at a rate of 100 Junk per 1 Refined component. It cannot be obtained from the Scavenging perk.

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