What level should I go to Kvatch?

Do you have a reason to start the main quest? The Kvatch gate gives three sigil stones if you keep tapping it (so does the Cheydinhall gate). If you plan on playing a long game wait until level 17 when transcendant sigil stones show up, then go through the Chorrol gate at level 19 for Hatred’s Soul bow.

Do all Oblivion gates close after main quest?

do all the oblivion gates dissapear after finishing the main story line? After completing all the main quests. Every one will close. However if you want to take them down one by one before hand.

How many Oblivion Gates are in oblivion?

There are actually a total of 100 fixed locations where gates may open. At 10 locations this will always happen, and for 90 locations this is random. However, no more than 60 gates will open during the course of playing the game.

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When should I start the main quest oblivion?

The easiest point at which to drop the main quest is after delivering the amulet to Jauffre. All that’s required then is to ignore the turn-off to Kvatch – if you never go there, then nothing more happens. The next good point to drop it is after breaking the siege of Kvatch.

What happens if you go to Kvatch before?

2 Answers. Yes, Kvatch is already destroyed at the beginning of the game. You can go into the Oblivion gate, destroy it, and free the town before going to the Weynon Priory. Martin will stay in the chapel after the town is free, until Jauffre asks you to bring him back to Weynon Priory.

How do you beat Kvatch?

Quick Walkthrough [edit]

  1. Talk to Savlian Matius.
  2. Enter Oblivion.
  3. Take the walkway to the Reapers Sprawl to find the prisoner.
  4. Walk back to the Blood Feast, get to the top, and activate the Sigil Stone.
  5. Help Savlian clear out the Daedra in the plaza in front of the chapel so the survivors inside can be rescued.

Is it worth it to close Oblivion gates?

Closing ALL the gates isn’t necessary, but closing them until you get a few of the really powerful sigil stones is certainly a good idea.

Is Oblivion going to end?

No, there are no end credits in this game. When you’ve done ALL the quests (150+) the game pretty much ends. After that, if you want to see the end credits, you can go to main menu and click on credits.

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What is the point of closing Oblivion Gates?

SPOILER!!! and the point in closing the gates is that if you close all the little ones in front of every vity, you can get more soldiers to help in the last part of the game where you have to get a Greater Sigil stone as the last key the Paradise

Can Oblivion gates reopen?

No. Gates do not reopen. They either appear or they don’t appear. Once they appear they’re there forever; once closed they’re closed forever.

How do you skip the oblivion intro?

PWMK2 said: You can also skip it by pressing escape on the PC or start on the 360..

How long does it take to finish Oblivion?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 238 30h
Main + Extras 399 92h 23m
Completionists 156 185h 47m
All PlayStyles 793 92h 02m

Can you beat oblivion Level 1?

you can ‘t finish the game with level 1. unless there’s a daedric artifact that can be acquired at level 1.

What should I do first in Oblivion?

Start doing some side-quests and some dungeon crawling, also join the other factions of the game like Fighter’s Guild, Thieves Guild, Mages Guild and the Dark Brotherhood. When you feel that you are ready go to Kvatch and start the main quest. Have fun!

What level should I do Dark Brotherhood oblivion?

At level 20 you should be fine.

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