How many joy pendants do you need?

Joy Pendants are items in The Wind Waker. They are a kind of Spoil. Link must collect at least 20 of them to defeat Ganon.

Where can I find joy pendants?

This pretty jewelry can be stolen or taken from Bokoblins and is also found in chests and pots. Trade for the Cabana Deed (20) and Hero’s Charm (40) (Game Cube) or Treasure Chart 45 (Wii U/HD) on Windfall Island.

How do you give Ms Marie Joy pendants?

After playing Hide-n-seek with the Killer Bees and earning a piece of heart we can offer Mrs. Marie 20 Joy Pendants. As a reward she will give Link the deed to her Cabana on the Private Oasis island. Once there, Link can present the deed at the door to gain access to the cabana.

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How do you get the hero charm in Wind Waker HD?

Location and Uses. In The Wind Waker, Link obtains the Hero’s Charm from Mrs. Marie by giving her an additional 20 Joy Pendants after having accepted the Cabana Deed for 20 Joy Pendants. In The Wind Waker HD, the Hero’s Charm is in a Treasure Chest at the bottom of the Savage Labyrinth.

How do you get unlimited joy pendants?

A quick way to get Joy Pendants is to travel to Dragon Roost Cavern. Inside the first room are two Bokoblins, on which the Grappling Hook may be used to receive one pendant from each. As long as they are not defeated, they will reappear when the room is re-entered from the central lava room, bearing new pendants.

What are joy pendants used for?

Joy Pendants are side items that you can collect while playing the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker on Nintendo GameCube. Joy Pendants don’t play any major role in the storyline of the game, but they can be traded to a Cabana Deed, a Hero’s Charm, or sold for extra Rupees.

Where is Mrs Marie in Wind Waker?

Since her birthday is fast approaching, they ask Link to collect Joy Pendants. When Link shows Mrs. Marie a Joy Pendant, she is very flattered and knows it was the Killer Bees’ idea.

Race Human
Member of Joyous Volunteer Association
Games The Wind Waker
Location Windfall Island

Where are all the Killer Bees Wind Waker?

The Killer Bees is a group of rowdy school boys; Ivan, Jin, Jun-Roberto, and Jan, and can be found on Windfall Island in The Wind Waker. This small group of four calls itself the Killer Bees. Starting from left, the members are: The leader, Ivan: A very talented and reliable leader. Leave all tree climbing to him.

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Where is Dragon Roost Cavern?

Dragon Roost Cavern (竜の山のほこら, Ryū no Yama no Hokora?) is the first dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is located within Dragon Roost Mountain, the home to the Sky Spirit Valoo.

Where is the jail cell in Windfall Island?

The Town Jail is a location on Windfall Island in The Wind Waker. It is found across from where Tott dances by the gravestone.

Where is the Triforce chart on private oasis?

The next Triforce Shard (GameCube: Chart ) is hidden on the Private Oasis island on square E-5. But don’t bother traveling there without first getting your hands on the deed to the isle. To get this deed, warp to Windfall Island. Go to the schoolhouse during the day and talk to the teacher.

Where can I farm skull necklaces in Wind Waker?

In general, Moblins and chests are the only places you can get Skull necklaces. The second room of the Earth Temple (big open room) has three Moblins patrolling. The forest on the top of Outset Island eventually inhabits two Moblins.

Who do you give the skull necklaces to in Wind Waker?

You can steal Skull Necklaces from Moblins or gain them by defeating them. Give 20 Skull Necklaces to the rich man in Windfall after you have rescued the girls from the Forsaken Fortress to get Treasure Chart #2. You can also give three to the man near the potion shop to play a pig catching challenge.

How do you get the Cabana deed in Wind Waker?

This item is obtained by trading 20 joy pendants with Mrs. Marie at Mrs. Marie’s school of joy. Doing so will give Link the deed to the Cabana granting him full ownership of the Cabana.

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Is the swift sail in Wind Waker GameCube?

The Swift Sail is an item that appears in the HD remake of The Wind Waker. It is an upgrade to the original Sail that is available later in the game.

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