What does Vlad’s cape do in spelunky 2?

Vlad’s Cape grants the user a double jump approximately the same height as the player’s normal jump, as well as the standard Cape’s gliding abilities once the double jump has been exhausted.

How do you get Vlad’s cape in spelunky 2?

This unique cape is obtained after defeating Vlad, picking it up as a loot. It allows your character to double jump, and if you press the jump button for a third time, you’ll be able to hover as well. The description reads: “The blood-red cape of Vlad the Impaler. It offers impressive mobility.”

What do spelunky items do?

Items are the various objects of interest that the Spelunker can collect and use around the dungeon as they explore.

How do I get vlads Cape?

Vlad’s Cape can only be found in 5-1 by killing Vlad. When his cape is equipped you can double jump and glide as if you were using a normal Cape. Use this if you are unable to find a Jetpack for your To Hell and Back Achievement run.

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How do you get rid of a cape in Spelunky?

The cape is essentially a re-usable, manual parachute. Pressing the jump key in mid-air will cause the cape to fan out, slowing the wearer’s fall speed. Pressing the jump button again will return the user back to freefall mode.

How do you get rid of a cape in spelunky 2?

You can unequip items like the jetpack and cape by holding down and pressing R1.

How do you use items in Spelunky?


  1. To Pick up, crouch by them and press X. You can throw them by pressing X again.
  2. You start each game with 4 BOMBS and 4 ROPES. To use them, cycle to them with C and then press X to use.
  3. You can HANG ON TO LEDGES by jumping into them.
  4. OPEN CRATES AND CHESTS by holding up and pressing X.

How do you get the alien compass in Spelunky?

The Alien Compass is an accessory in Spelunky 2. It is obtained by finding Van Horsing in the Temple of Anubis.

How do you use the Telepack in Spelunky?

Similar to how the Axolotl functions, the Telepack lets the user teleport while in the air. To activate it, the wearer must press the jump button mid-air, at which point it will teleport them forwards or in the direction they were holding.

What is the Kapala Spelunky?

The Kapala is a chalice made from a human skull that is used to restore health by collecting blood. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. It is an accessory that is rewarded when you have pleased Kali with enough sacrifices at an Altar to earn 16 points of favor.

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