Where can I buy Ultimate Wargod?


Name Price Location
Ultimate Wargod 10,000 Lohan, Phantom Ship
Violet Stone Kanzas
Wargod’s Amulet Marshlands, Urobolus
Wargod Calling 1,000 Fletz, Lohan, Rouge, Kongol (Black Castle)


Does ultimate Wargod level additions?

The Wargod Calling makes an addition complete but does half damage, gives half SP and does not add to the use counter or increase Addition Level. The Ultimate Wargod is much more expensive, but does full damage, gives full SP and does add to the use counter meaning it is completely successful.

How do you get ultimate Wargod in the phantom ship?

To get that Ultimate Wargod, you’ll have to be patient, because it’s time-consuming. Try getting the four numbers, writing them down, then going to the Queen Fury to save. Then, use any combination of those four numbers. There are 24 combinations for each set

Where is Lohan Dragoon?

In the forest above ground near the Nest of Dragon they find the huge plant blocking the way to the shrine; they use their newly bought pot and water to shrivel the plant away.

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What does wargods amulet do?

A Wargod’s Amulet is an Accessory that increases the bearer’s physical and magical hit rate by 20 points. It can be found in the Seventh Fort and won from the Urobolus.

How do you get the therapy ring in Legend of Dragoon?

A Therapy Ring is an Accessory that recovers 10% of the bearer’s maximum HP every turn. It can be found in Hellena Prison on the second trip, and in Flanvel Tower.

How do you increase Dragoon level?

Dragoon Levels are gained by acquiring SP, and it will continue to accumulate, for the purposes of gaining D’ Levels, even when the Spirit bar is full. Addition levels are gained by completing the Additions correctly, a minimum of 80 successful uses are needed to master each..

How do you get a perfect Dragoon addition?

The easiest way to get a perfect dragoon addition is to use the special command in battle, it looks like the Yin Yang symbol, and then do that characters dragoon attack and it will be perfect automatically.

How do I kill 00PARTS?

Methods to Defeat 00PARTS

  1. The first and simplest way is to have a Magic Stone of Signet in your inventory. Have one character attack 00PARTS for 1 or 2 damage, then the following character throw the stone.
  2. The second method is the fastest, but requires Sachets.
  3. On disc 3 it gets easier.

Where are all the Stardust in Legend of Dragoon?

Stardust List

  • City or Other Location (Number of Stardust ) Stardust Number.
  • Seles (1) The second headstone from the right.
  • Bale (3) The well in front of Lavitz’s house.
  • Hoax (2) The fireplace in the basement of the house to the left of the meeting room with Kaiser.
  • Seventh Fort (1)
  • Lohan (4)
  • Kazas (6)
  • Fletz (5)

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