What does the greed trinket do?

Greed is a Trinket in Lords of the Fallen. They are items that provide the player with passive aid.

What do trinkets do in Lords of the Fallen?

Trinkets in Lords of the Fallen provide the player with passive aid. Once equipped the player will receive the benefit of the Trinket until it is unequipped or replaced with another. Trinkets are found all over the game (some in NG+ or higher) and can have drastically different effects.

What is poise Lords of the Fallen?

Poise is a value that allows you to take direct hits from enemy weapons without staggering (if you’re not using a shield) or drain less stamina per hit (if you’re blocking with a shield). Stats scale on a weapon affects the amount of damage that item does relative to its needed stat.

Can you Parry in Lords of the Fallen?

To riposte an enemy you must first parry their attack. With a shield that can parry an enemy, press the left hand’s heavy attack button while the enemy is swinging their weapon at you. Move in close to the enemies left side and press the right hand light attack button.

Where is the infiltrator in Lords of the Fallen?

Infiltrator – Temple | Bosses Lords of the Fallen Guide. The Infiltrator prepares his jump just for a moment, but you can change positions, while he is in mid-air. You find this opponent at the Temple, in the Portal location. You can get there from the Abandoned Field.

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How do you find Antanas and Kaslo in the monastery Citadel?

Find Antanas and Kaslo at the Monastery Citadel | The Temple Lords of the Fallen Guide

  1. After the battle, talk to Yetka, and then, to the Wounded Rhogar (do not kill him!).
  2. Watch out for the Tyrant here and it is best if you get around him quickly.
  3. Behind the door, you will find Deserters.

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