What gifts do I give Alistair?

Gift Giving Guide

Gift Name Location Recipient
Alistair’s Mother’s Amulet* Redcliffe Castle Alistair
Black Rune stone Deep Roads Alistair
Duncan’s Shield* Denerim Alistair


How do you initiate romance with Alistair?

Alistair can only be romanced by a female Warden. Take a joking route with Alistair as often as possible, so long as you are not laughing at him or his romantic gestures. Humorous responses instead of serious ones will often lead to a bigger approval bonus.

How do I give gifts Dao?

Giving gifts

  1. Open your inventory.
  2. Select the character you wish to give the gift to.
  3. Highlight the gift.
  4. Give the gift: Press A. Press X and left on the radial menu. Hold right click + left on radial menu, drag and drop the gift on the companion or double click the gift.

Where is ARL Eamons study?

On the first floor, in Arl Eamon’s Study at Redcliffe Castle (Main Floor).

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How do I get Alistair’s approval?

Alistair is a “Boy Scout” at heart so he gives approval for doing nice things for people, likes to hear good things about Duncan, and enjoys positive attention. He is only interested in women. To get on these characters’ good sides you’ll need to chat with them every chance you get.

How do I get Zevran approval?

Go through the conversation and Leliana will join you. If Zev is in the group, he knows Isabela from the past and will want to join in the fun, too. Tell him yes to get Approval from him. (Updated 10-15-10) For a 3-some you just have to Zevran in your party.

Can you sleep with Morrigan and Leliana?

You can do it if you want. I romanced Morrigan, Zevran, and Leliana in one playthrough. Morrigan first while I romanced Leliana, dumped Morrigan for Leliana, and slept with Zevran on the sly. In an interview I read, one of the developers said he was able to sleep with all three in one night at camp.

How do you sleep with Morrigan?

You can bed Morrigan right after you leave Lothering. Respond to her dialogue in ways she will approve, give her the necklace you find in Lothering, give her the necklace you buy off Bodahn in camp. You can kiss her before leaving Lothering if you want.

How do you get Alistair to sleep with you?

You can easily talk him up to the point that he would sleep with you the first time you enter the camp. You can even kiss him. However, if you ask to your tent more than once he’ll start disliking you.

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What gifts should I give Morrigan in Dragon Age?

Gift Giving Guide

Gift Name Location Recipient
Gold Amulet Orzammar Commons Morrigan
Golden Demon Pendant The Gauntlet Morrigan
Golden Mirror* Orzammar Commons Morrigan
Golden Rope Necklace Loithering Morrigan


Where is the GREY warden vault?

Grey Warden Vault is a secret room in the Market Warehouse, located in the Denerim Market District next to the Wonders of Thedas shop. The entrance to the room is hidden behind the bookcase at the back, on the south side of the warehouse.

How do you harden Leliana?

Leliana will decide that her new self was just an attempt to run away from her previous life after her mentor’s betrayal, and that the real Leliana is a worldly bard who loves all of the danger, intrigue, and at times even the killing that goes along with that lifestyle. This results in her being hardened.

What happened Arl Eamon?

He died after Blackwall stole his beard and dyed it black.

What happens if you let jowan out of his cell?

If you say Jowan should be released, or that it’s not Teagan’s decision to make and then say that Teagan is right, then Jowan is imprisoned again. If you go to his cell he is there but you cannot have a conversation with him nor kill him.

Should I kill jowan?

If you kill jowan – you can still become a blood mage, just do the quest for the circle where his mom lives and make sure you go into the fade. I played both where I had jowan executed and let him live- There’s really no difference.

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