Is Malika’s guard good?

If you’re playing as an Archer Rogue, Malika’s Guard is the definitive best Amulet available, and it’s not exceptionally hard to get. You can get it extremely early in Crestwood. It gives +10 Dexterity, +20% Attack and 30% Front Defense at the expensive of -50% flanking bonus.

Where is andraste’s sacrifice?

Looted from a chest in Villa Maurel located in the Emerald Graves.

What is flanking damage?

Flanking just means the spell, arrow, dagger, sword, mace, etc. hits the enemy upon the back or side. All classes can flank an enemy and it adds the flanking bonus % to the damage.

Where do I get ring of doubt?

Looted from a corpse during the Exalted Plains’ side quest Something to Prove.

Is andraste’s sacrifice good?

There’s many reasons that make Andraste’s Sacrifice one of the best items in the game actually. First of all the item was made for knight enchanters and is amazing on them since they wanna act as pseudo-tank anyway. However, the item is great on any and all mages due to the amazing benefits of it.

Is flanking in 5e optional?

There’s an optional rule for Flanking in the 5th edition Dungeon Master’s Guide. The gist of it is that indeed, flanking does give advantage to each of the flankers. For details, see the p. 251 in the book.

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Is flanking bad 5e?

Yes this is a game but it relies on a certain level of verisimilitude. Having your flank be something you have to worry about or working to flank an enemy adds a layer of tactics. Players like to gain advantage and feel good when they put themselves in a spot to gain advantage.

Do spells get flanking advantage?

1 Answer. Yes, Melee Spell Attacks benefit from the Optional Flanking Rules. That’s because flanking grants advantage on Melee Attacks.and a Melee Spell Attack is a Melee Attack.

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