What does Amulet of the damned do?

The amulet of the damned is an amulet that provides extra buffs to Barrows equipment. It can be obtained from silver shade chests found in the Shade Catacombs. Players with multiple amulets can combine charges. Despite being untradeable (once degraded) it isn’t kept automatically on death in a “safe” location.

What is high level Barrows?

With the right skills and equipment, high – level players can loot nearly 25 Barrows chests per hour, resulting in a sizable profit. At higher levels one may use any combat style, although most of the brothers are weak to magic. Players with access to Soul Split will not need food except in emergency situations.

Can you recharge Amulet of the Damned?

The fully charged amulet of the damned is tradeable. It degrades at the same rate as barrows equipment when worn in combat however, unlike the barrows sets, the amulet crumbles to dust once fully degraded. It is possible to combine the charges of amulets by using them on each other.

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How much does Barrows cost to repair?

Degrading and repairing

Costs to repair barrows equipment NPC POH Armour Stand
Level 1 Smithing
Body 90,000 89,550
Legs 80,000 79,600
Weapon 100,000 99,500


Should I kill Linza?

No, you don’t have to kill Linza. In fact you should not kill Linza unless you’re trying specifically to get Linza pieces. But if you have unlocked Akrisae, be sure to kill him. Also, don’t bother with creatures, they only improve the loot you get outside of Barrows pieces.

Can you skip Barrows brothers?

The amulet can be used to skip up to three Barrows brothers per run in the Barrows minigame by using the amulet on the sarcophagus. Barrows amulets cannot be used against the brothers in Rise of the Six, nor can they be used against Linza the Disgraced.

Can you tele out of barrows?

You can either teleport or backtrack to the rope you came in through. Unless you have Drakan’s Medallion or Burgh tele on a games necklace, backtracking will almost certainly be faster than teleporting, since the next closest teleports are Canifis lode and Ecto. Spaghetti Code Everywhere!

How much money is Barrows per hour?

The GP per hour depends on how many chests you can get. One chest is worth around 76,448 with Morytania hard diary complete; with max gear and stats, you can complete upwards of 15 chests in an hour, earning around 700,000 profit without any rare drops. Barrows.

Inputs (317,952) Outputs (929,079)


How many creatures do you need to kill Barrows?

The kc doesn’t affect barrows items drop rate, only the runes and bolt racks drops. If you want runes and bolt racks, kill around 10 of them or so. For a more detailed explanation, read Mod Timbo’s drop rate reveal dev blog. Pretty sure the combat lvls of the creatures have to add up to 1000.

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What level should I be for barrows?

Skill recommendations. Level 50 or higher for the use of Iban’s staff. Level 60 or higher for the use of dragon dagger’s special attack. Level 70 or higher for the use of abyssal whip in the tunnels.

How long should a Barrows run take?

The goal is to slay all six brothers, gather the appropriate killcount in the tunnels, and then loot the Barrows chest. A single run could take anywhere from 3 minutes to 30 minutes depending on your level, though the most common strategy involves banking at clan wars after each chest.

What gear should I use for barrows?


Item (most effective → least effective)
Occult necklace Amulet of fury
Imbued god capes / Infernal cape Fire cape
Ancestral robe top / Barrows platebodies (Dharok’s, Torag’s etc.) Dragon platebody
Ancestral robe bottom / Barrows platelegs (Dharok’s, Torag’s etc.) Verac’s plateskirt / Guthan’s chainskirt


What happens if I die in Barrows?

If you die, you will lose your items and will need to reclaim them from Death or your grave. The Barrows is an area-based combat minigame.

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