Where can I find more Salve amulets?

Two or more salve amulets can be obtained by using the drop trick: make an amulet in the Abandoned Mine, drop it, craft another amulet, and retrieve the dropped amulet.

How do I get salve EI?

The salve amulet (e) can be imbued into a salve amulet( ei ) through playing the Nightmare Zone minigame. It costs 800,000 points to imbue.

How do you get the tarns diary back?

The diary can be found on the table in the room just past where you fight Tarn in Lair of Tarn Razorlor. After you complete the miniquest, you can retrieve the diary from the Bookcase of your house. A player using Tarn’s diary on a Salve amulet.

Does salve amulet work with range?

“Note that the Salve amulet and its enchanted counterpart only boost Attack and Strength, so its bonuses do not work with Ranged and Magic combat.

Does salve amulet work on Vampyres?

Well, lore-wise Vampyres are a species. Making them undead would be like making Werewolves undead. As for why the Salve amulet doesn’t work, I’m not sure. logically it should – Vampyres couldn’t cross the Salve after all.

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Does Salve work on demons?

Even though im 65 slayer, salve ammy only works against undead and those abbrent spectars. NOT Demons. You are right.

Is Salve amulet better than Slayer helm?

Slayer helmet vs Salve amulet If a player owns the Salve amulet (e) or (ei), it may be worth it to switch to a better helmet and wear the amulet instead, since it gives 20% accuracy and damage bonus, as opposed to the 16.67% Melee or 15% Magic and Ranged boosts the helmet grants.

Does salve amulet work on reanimated?

@JagexAsh does the salve amulet work on reanimated creatures, such as those for arceuus spell book.

What happens if you die with salve amulet EI?

Yeah you ‘ll keep it. You ‘ll also keep it even if you ‘re skulled as long as you had protect item on and you had no other item more valuable.

Does void salve stack?

Void and salve stack, but salve doesn’t stack with the slayer helmet. Void + slayer helm also don’t stack for obvious reasons. Gg all dead things. It should, but you can test this yourself by comparing your hits with a max hit calculator.

Is Salve amulet better than fury?

At a guess I’d say fury will save a bit of money on prayer potions (+3 prayer difference iirc) but salve should give you noticeably better xp rates. Basically it’s prayer bonus vs accuracy and damage. Salve is better hands down 20% accuracy and 20% damage there is no reason not to use it.

How do you get through the tarns lair?

The fastest way to get to Tarn is to teleport to Tarn’s Lair via a Slayer ring. This will bring you directly outside of the room with Tarn. The fastest way to get to the entrance through the Abandoned Mine is using the Morytania legs 3 to teleport to Burgh de Rott and hop over the agility shortcut west of the town.

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How do you kill Tarn?

It is a complex dungeon with lots of undead, and features a miniquest to kill Tarn Razorlor, unless you have a slayer ring, in which case you can simply teleport directly to him, kill him, and take the book that enhances salve amulets which spawns in the next room after he dies.

What does salve amulet work on?

The salve amulet raises the wearer’s Attack and Strength by 1/6th while attacking undead monsters. The salve amulet’s bonus does not stack with the bonuses of a black mask or its variants. It is a reward from the Haunted Mine quest.

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