Can you change bandits Poe?

To change your bandit quest reward, use the book that you receive from the recipe in the appropriate difficulty. If you had Eramir’s reward, you will need a skill point available to change away from it.

Should I kill alira?

Always help alira the buffs are to valuable leveling. Once you hit late game you can always decide you want the skill points to reach that notable- and respec. If you’re going for a critical hit based build then help her. Otherwise kill her.

Can you help all 3 bandits Poe?

Most builds kill all 3 bandits, because they give you 2 passive points. Which are more versatile than the bonuses Alira gives. Alira isn’t bad for Crit Based builds, but overall the difference is negligible.

How do you check which bandit you helped Poe?

Talk to Eramir, the bandit you helped will turn up as a conversation option. type /passives it should show all the quest rewards your exile has received. This only tells you if you killed them all for the passive, not which reward you took? Look in your completed quest log, it should tell you there.

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Should I kill the bandits in Path of Exile?

If you kill all three of them, you will be rewarded with two passive skill points. Regardless of difficulty, if you kill all three bandits, you will receive one passive point. The reward for siding with a Bandit differs based on the difficulty.

Should I kill or help Oak?

They’ll often end up helping the bandits. It all depends on what build you’re using but in most cases, helping Oak in normal diffuculty is the best decision because the +40 HP will help you quite a lot. Taking oak is good,but you need to take life nodes as well.

Should you help or kill Kraityn?

If you ‘re a crit build you generally help Alira. If you ‘re an RF build or heavy melee build you generally help Oak. For everything else you kill all, for everything else there’s MasterCard.

Can you help all bandits Poe?

You can either help one of the 3 bandit lords (kill the other two), or kill all 3 of them. For this particular achievement you need to help all 3 bandit lords at some point during your game.

What does alira?

If siding with Alira she will reward the character with the following bonuses: 5 Mana Regenerated per second. +20% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier. +15% to all Elemental Resistances.

How do you get alira rewards?

Shift click to unstack.. Using it will change your bandit reward to Alira ‘s reward. Unlike other quest items, Book of Reform can be vendored, for 20 Orbs of Regret.

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How do you kill oak in Poe?

Puncture or Poison Arrow should do the trick.

How do you get orb of regret?

Orb of Regret Farming Guide Orb of Regret is 2 and the drop rate is around 0.689%. One can get it by killing monsters, destroy chests, and open strongboxes.

How do you get rid of tree roots in Path of Exile?

You need the Baleful Gem and Silk’s Spear. Both of these come from other quests in Act 2, in the Chamber of Sins and the Weaver’s Chamber. Complete the rest of the A2 quests first, you get items for completing them and when you have them all you can remove the roots.

What do I do with the apex Poe?

The Apex is required to unleash Vaal Oversoul within the the Ancient Pyramid.

Where is the broken bridge Poe?

The Broken Bridge is an area in Act 2. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Crossroads. The road continues northeast from the Crossroads, leading to Kraityn’s camp on the bridge at the east end of the map. The waypoint spawns on the side of the road.

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