How do you store EMC projecte?

EMC can be stored by using a Klein Star, holding four times as much EMC with each upgrade. EMC can also be used in a Transmutation Tablet.

How do you use the Amulet of Volcanite?


  1. Pressing “R” fires a volcanite projectile, a slow-moving lava bolt.
  2. Upon striking a foe or creature, it will set that creature on fire, doing a strong hit of fire damage and burning for an extended duration at the cost of 2 redstone dust.

How do you charge a volcanic amulet?

When right clicking any block face, the amulet will consume 2 redstone dust and create a block of lava. The Volcanite can also be charged to a max of 8 levels and produce a large row or column of lava, each block consuming 2 gunpowder. This is useful for laying out large sections of obsidian-fodder.

How do you use the amulet in Evertide?

While the Evertide is in your hotbar, you will be able to walk on water. Press “shift” to go down into the water or “space” to float up. You will also be immune to drowning while the Evertide amulet is in your hotbar, letting you stay underwater for as long as you want.

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How do I convert something to EMC?

Feed them to a matter condenser and turn them into a high EMC item. Or, feed them into the thingie that charges Klein Stars. Then put it into the table.

What has the most EMC value?

When the EMC of all the ingredients is added together, the total cost of the Alchemical Tome is 152,732,018 making it easily the most EMC expensive item in Tekkit.

How do you use Klein star?

The conventional way to charge a Klein Star is to put it into a Antimatter Relay being supplied with EMC. A faster way to charge the Klein Star Omega is to put it in the left grid of a Transmutation Tablet (The portable one works too). The Tablet will dump its EMC into the Star immediately.

How do you use an ignition ring?

The ring -bearer is immune to lava and fire while wearing it (on the quickbar), and the ring will attempt to extinguish any flames stepped on in a 3×3 square around the player. Pressing G activates the ring. While active, in a 9×9 area around the player the ground will constantly erupt into flames.

How do you use mercurial eyes?

The Mercurial Eye has the power to build walls straight from the energy source of a Klein Star. To change the area covered by the Eye, press the Charge Key (V). To open its GUI, press the Extra Key (C). To change mode press the Toggle Key (G).

How do you charge projecte items?

All Dark Matter Tools have Two Charge levels, increasing the breaking speed of the block being mined by a factor of the charge. The “V” key is the default for charging. “Shift + V” will remove the charge from this item.

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How do you charge Red Matter tools?

The Red Matter Pickaxe can be charged three times with the ‘V’ key. Charging it up increases the breaking speed. To uncharge the pickaxe, hold ‘SHIFT’ and press ‘V’.

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