How do you get the amulet in the graveyard keeper?

You’ll need x10 Flyers’, x5 Faith and 2 Reputation Star. Return to Snake afterwards and receive the Ancient Amulet. This is a item required for the Stranger Sins quest.

How do you get donkey hair in graveyard keeper?

The Piece of Donkey hair is required to make the Pagan amulet of spirit summoning. It is crafted from your Church workbench. It is obtained from a cutscene with Donkey.

How do you make a hemp rope in the graveyard keeper?

Hemp rope can also be crafted from 4 fragments of hemp. Hemp can be grown in the garden, it comes in different quality, but that doesn’t impact the quality of the hemp rope. If you use 4 hemp on the Church workbench, you will get 5 hemp ropes.

What do I do with the rare dagger in graveyard keeper?

The Rare Dagger can be retrieved from Tress. Near Koukol in the evening you will find Gypsy Baron in a wooded area standing in front of a stump. He is surprised to see the dagger missing form the charmed stump.

Where can I buy graveyard keeper ink?

To get this paint you will need Alchemy Workbench (I). Ink is very useful – you can use it to write something, repair items in the church and to complete certain quests (two NPCs will want Ink from you). Another way of obtaining Ink is to buy it from Astrologer for 250 coins.

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Where can I buy hops graveyard keeper?

Hops seed can be planted in a vine trellis in the farming space on Witch Hill known as the Vineyard. To obtain these seeds, you must purchase them from the Miller, after-which one can get some number of seeds back each time you harvest the fully grown crop.

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