Where can I buy a Sweetroll for Fimmion?

In both cases, Fimmion will request his favorite dish, a sweetroll. His bedroll and food sack can be found behind Amiable Fanriene’s house and he sleeps there every night between 10pm and 6am.

How do you pick up ritual torch in Oblivion?

You don’t pick it up like you do when you put something into your inventory. You use your Grab key and hold it down to carry the torch.

Should I light the flame for dementia or mania?

If you use magic alot (destruction and conjuration), you should light the Mania flame as it gives you a shield to damage and a constant +7 to intelligence and willpower. If you are anything else, light the Dementia flame (cant remember what it does).

How do you disintegrate armor spells in Oblivion?

You need the base spell and a spellmaking altar, and that’s pretty much it. Go to the spellmaking altar, choose Disintegrate Armor, and set it to Self.

Where is the shivering isles eso?

The Shivering Isles portal can be found to the east of Bravil, on an island in the middle of Niben Bay.

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How do you grab in Oblivion?

Grabbing can be tricky. You need to point (and highlight) the item you want to grab, and then press (and hold down) the ” grab ” button (which is obviously different depending on the system you’re playing the game on). Let go, and the object drops. Practice, and be delicate!

Should I kill Syl or Thadon?

I always used to kill Syl because you can’t sit on Thadon’s throne due to a bug, and the guards in the Mania wing of the palace still treat you like an outsider, but killing Thadon is much easier than killing Syl. If you decide to kill Syl you won’t get any bounty by killing her guards.

Should I become Duke of Mania or Dementia?

If you become Duke of Mania, then you will recieve the Dark Seducer armour after a later quest. If you become Duke of Dementia then you will recieve the Golden Saint armour.

How do you become a Duke of Mania?

The Hero of Kvatch must become the new Duke of Mania by poisoning Lord Thadon with three doses of Greenmote, then using Thadon’s blood on the shrine at the Sacellum Arden-Sul.

Where can I buy disintegrate armor in Oblivion?

Disintegrate Armor

  • Sulinus Vassinus (Skingrad Mages Guild)
  • Adrienne Berene (Skingrad Mages Guild)

Where can I buy weakness to magic in Oblivion?

Weakness to Magic can be purchased from the following spell merchants:

  1. Aurelinwae – Mystic Emporium in Imperial City, Market District.
  2. Vigge the Cautious – Skingrad Mages Guild.

How do you increase destruction in Oblivion?


  1. After gaining access to the Arcane University, create a damage fatigue, 3-point for 1-second damage-on-self spell and cast it over and over again.
  2. Once you reach apprentice level, create a new spell of Weakness to Fire with the same parameters.
  3. A simple way to raise this is with the Vile Lair prisoner.

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