Where do I get gambler’s spirit FFX?

re: Gamblers Spirits You can Steal Gambler’s Spirits 30 (Common and Rare) at a time from Omega Weapon. Ornitholestes drops them 2 at a time, and 4 at a time for an Overkill. If you unlock Th’uban, (unlock 6 Species Creations in the Monster Arena), the Monster Trainer will give you 99.

What are underdogs secrets used for?

Underdog’s Secret has at least two possible uses. One is customization, another is as one of the two required components for Rikku’s Mix Overdrive. Customization – See the posted Final Fantasy X “Equipment Remodeling Guide” by CB! for a detailed look at customization options.

What do you mix rikku with?

Mix (FFX)

Name OD Type Most Common Mixes To Achieve OD
Potato Masher Attacking (Power/Mana Dist+Map/Rename Card)
Cluster Bomb Attacking (Blessed/Shining Gem+Bomb Core/Fragment,)
Tallboy Attacking Supreme Gem+Bomb Core/Bomb Fragment/Fire Gem/Electro Marble)
Blaster Mine Attacking (Grenade/Frag Grenade+Antidote/Soft)


What does Hypello potion do?

Hypello Potion are Rare Steal from Mafdet in Lake Macalania. Cast Protect, Shell, Haste, Regen And Auto-Life On All Party Members. This is a super OP move because of the Auto-Life. You can also use a Light, Luna or Star Curtain instead of a Healing Spring.

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What do I do with gambler’s spirit FFX?

Gambler’s Spirit is an item that can be only be used in Quest Medleys. It changes the song for the next stage the player can reach to another random selection. It can be obtained randomly after completing a Music Stage.

How do I get an amulet in FFX?

Final Fantasy X -2 The Amulet is an accessory that raises the wearer’s Magic by 10. It can be bought for 1,000 gil from Rin’s Travel Agency in the Calm Lands in (chapters 1/2), dropped by Guardian Beast and stolen from League Mage.

How do I get underdogs secret?

The only monster that drops Underdog’s Secrets is Th’uban, you unlock him after unlocking six Species Creations in the Monster Arena. Other than that, you’re SOL if you ran out of the 99 that Rin gives you. Your only other opportunity to get them is Blitzball, one at a time for placing first in a League.

What is three stars FFX?

Three Stars (FFVI) is an accessory obtained as Trance Terra’s STMR. It provides 3 DEF, 3 SPR, MP +33%, and reduces MP costs by 50%.

What is good morning FFX?

Good Morning! 50% chance of powering up when recovering from Sleep. If woken by a Venom technique, PA and CA.

What is Rikku’s most powerful mix?

strictly speaking, the most powerful offensive mix she has is Sunburst. 19,998 damage to all enemies. No, not two hits for 9999, it actually does exactly 19,998.

How do you kill Yu yevon?

The trick is to focus on keeping the Yu Pagodas incapacitated, while Yu Yevon slowly whittles down his own HP with his Gravija spells. Once the spells start doing 0 damage to him, it means he is down to 1 HP, and can be killed by any attack.

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How do I beat Yunalesca?

Continue attacking the boss with spells and physical attacks. Remember to keep the zombie character alive as you enter the last phase of the battle. When the last phase begins, Yunalesca will cast Mega Death. This instantly kills all non-zombie characters.

How do I farm dark matter FFX?

But if you want to farm dark matters anyway, a better way is to fight Sleep Sprout in the Monster Arena: Species Conquest. It can be killed in one hit with max damage, and will drop either 2 teleport spheres or 2 dark matters.

How do you get the door to tomorrow in FFX?

Doors to Tomorrow are dropped, bribed or stolen from enemies. The easiest way to get Doors to Tomorrow is through the Monster Arena. It is possible to earn 99 Doors to Tomorrow through the arena. Go to the Monster Arena in the Calm Lands.

How do you bribe in FFX?

Bribe Mechanics You will need to reach a certain gil amount in order to bribe an enemy, but even then, there is only a chance that the bribe will be successful. That being said, once you have given enough gil to an enemy, adding any additional gil will stack on the previous gil that you gave it.

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