How do you reroll onmyoji?

On the start screen you will notice buttons on the right hand side. If you wish to switch account or start over click on User Center ( Top Right ). From here you can Start a new game to reroll or Switch Accounts if you know the others information to login.

How do you summon tickets onmyoji?

You can get them by doing certain missions, as rare rewards around the game or by buying them at the Shop. With the exception of normal summoning, summoned shikigami can be shared to social media, and the first time it is done weekly will give a mysterious amulet.

How do you get mystery amulets onmyoji?

Be sure to share your summoned Shikigami via snapshots through the in-game share button. Doing so means you’ll receive a free Mystery Amulet once a week. They can also be obtained by completing special events and purchasing mall packs.

Which SR should I keep onmyoji?

For SR units, the best ones are in the order of Ubume> Kuro Mujou>Momiji> Jorogumo. If not, then any other ones you fancy. The recommended Shikigamis here are the ones with a strong AOE attack, making missions and farming easy in the early stages for the players to assemble a strong team early.

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How do I get strong onmyoji?

Your onmyoji can be leveled up in two ways: the Totem and onmyoji. Onmyoji level is the player level itself, it can be leveld up through exps from dungeons and it goes up to 60. Totem can be upgraded by feeding souls, and the max level is 40. Also you unlock onmyoji skills by upgrading spirit levels.

How do you get coins on onmyoji?

Tips & Tricks for earning coins on Onmyoji Arena: – Daily pact and guild quests are a good way to earn coin. They can net you around 100k per day. If you farm s10 daily, releasing trash g5-g6 souls can earn you back a decent chunk of coin as well. – And do Area Bosses, Kirin Hunt, Demon Encounter Bosses.

Are onmyoji real?

When translated to English, onmyodo means “The Way of Yin and Yang”. Onmyodo is also influenced by Shinto, Buddhist, and Taoist practices. During the Heian Period, Abe no Seimei served as an onmyoji, a term used to refer to professional onmyodo practitioners, for the Japanese government.

What is the meaning of onmyoji?

Onmyoji (pronounced as on-myo-ji or on-yo-ji, meaning oracle) was the name of a government post in the Onmyoryo (Bureau of Divination) of the Nakatsukasasho (Central Affairs Ministry) under the Ritsuryo legal system of ancient Japan.

What is my shikigami?

Shikigami (式神, also read as Shiki-no-kami, 式の神) is the term for a being from Japanese folklore. It is thought to be some sort of kami, represented by a small ghost. It has been associated with “curses” since the 1000s of the Heian period, and was often depicted as a bird or a child in Japanese literature and Emakimono.

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What can you obtain from the Demon Parade?

Demon Quiz

Questions Answers
What can you obtain from the Demon Parade? Shards
What % of HP can a shikigami in Shouzu’s Circuit recover after a turn? 5%
As a gift from the gods, where was Susabi born? In a village by the sea
Which one is not Tesso’s skill? Great Fortunes


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