How do I reset my entone box?

Channels will not change: OR Reboot set top box by pulling the thin black power cord out of the set top box, or unplugging the cord from the electrical outlet. Wait 5 seconds and plug power cord back in. It may take up to 5 minutes for set top box to reboot. If condition persists, call technical support at 626-2211.

How do I program my amino remote control?

1. Press and hold both the 1 and the 3 buttons at the same time on the remote control for approximately 3 seconds until the TV standby button remains lit, then release both buttons. 2. Point the remote control at the TV set and press and hold down the TV Standby button or the Mute button on the remote control.

How do I program my foothills remote to my TV?

To program your TV, turn on the TV. STEP2 Press and hold the [DEVICE] key for 5 sec- onds until the Device LED will blink once and stays on. Continue to hold the [DEVICE] key and press the number key assigned to your brand in the Quick Set -up Code Table and release both [DEVICE] key and the number key to save the code.

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Can a cable box be hacked?

Usually in cable box hacking a box is cloned with the serial of a box that has a paid account. If the provider is very basic, sometimes its easy to just embed your own list of channels and skip the check. More complex systems relied on access cards that could be easily reprogrammed to allow all channels.

What to do if set top box is not working?

My set top box won’t switch on

  1. Check your cables. Check the power cable is securely connected to your set top box. Perform the same check at the wall socket and ensure it is switched on.
  2. Try another electrical socket. Unplug the set top box and connect it in to another socket.
  3. Test other electrical applicances. Check if the lights in your room are working.

Why does my cable box have no sound?

Make sure your TV and receiver aren’t muted. Adjust the volume on your remote. Make sure the output on your TV is set to stereo or surround sound. Unplug your receiver, wait at least 60 seconds, and plug it back in.

How do I program my CDE Lightband remote?

Press the TV button and Power button and TV should power on.

  1. Hold down the 1 & 3 buttons until TV button lights up.
  2. Enter TV manufacturer’s code. ( Listed in tables below)
  3. Hold down the mute button until TV mutes.
  4. Hold down Stop & Text/Shift button to come out of programming.

Are remote control codes universal?

The codes are the universal defaults for that particular TV, DVR, DVD or VCR. Whether your universal remote control is made by GE, Sony, RCA or Philips, the codes will work if programmed correctly.

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How do I program my ur5l 9020l to my TV?

STEP1 Turn on the equipment you want to program. To program your TV, turn on the TV. STEP2 Point the remote at the component and press and hold the [DEVICE] key for 3 seconds until the Device LED blinks off and turns back on.

How do I program my ur5u 9000l remote?

STEP1 Turn on the device you want to program – to program your TV, turn the TV on. STEP2 Point the remote at the TV and press and hold TV key for 3 seconds. While Holding the TV key, the TV LED will light off and on again. Begin to press the number keys, one at a time, starting with 1, then 2, 3

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