Where can I read Zandalors scroll?

An item called Zandalor’s Scroll sits on the floor. Collect it, then stand on the large stone in front of the mirror portal on that floor. (If you’re in the right spot, it will “click,” since that was the item that tripped all the traps.) Read Zandalor’s Scroll from your inventory while standing there.

Where is the phantom protection amulet?

Afterwards, you must find the ” Phantom Protection Amulet ” inside of his house, located on the second floor, in a gem chest. The amulet will protect you from the negative influence of the forest.

How do you turn off traps in Zandalor’s house?

Navigate to the north room and pull the lever (105, 500) found there to disable all the traps. Inform the family Return to the family and tell them that it is safe for them to enter the Wizard’s House.

How do you get icara’s blessing ring?

Go to Hiberheim and talk to Icara about what to do next, and then about the wizard. She will give you a ring called Icara’s Blessing.

Where is Zandalor’s amulet?

The Amulet can be found in the Wizard’s house. It will be in his bedroom in a jewelry chest next to the waypoint portal. You do not need to wear the amulet to gain its protection, but only the character holding it will gain it.

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How do you get to the Phantom Forest?

Unless you have something to do, you can quickly get to the entrance by teleporting to the Phantom Forest Waypoint Portal. From there, head east, and you’ll see a log with green light. This is the entrance, but it’s fatal if you’re not prepared. Give one character one Teleport Pyramid and Zandalor’s amulet.

How do I get to Hunter’s Edge divinity?

Quickest way is to teleport to the Sacred Stone waypoint, then travel south of it a short way til you come to a bridge on the right. Click it to travel to the zone where Hunter’s Edge is. Once there, just follow the path southeast and it will lead you to the village.

How do I get into the source temple?

The entrance to the Source Temple is to the northeast of where the Death Lord started, but there are a couple more encounters in this area. Go southwest down the stairs, then southeast to return to the barricade where you fought Braogg Spiritchaser.

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