What are energy orbs used for in game of Sultans?

An Energy Orb is a group of small gold orbs used for restoring energy used to visit Consorts and NPCs in the Masquerade. Effect: Can be used to recover Energy.

What does fortune do in game of Sultans?

Fortune. Fortune is the stat that is used for visiting consorts. Fortune can be restored via using amulets or waiting for the cooldown.

Can you be a girl in game of Sultans?

When we launched Game of Sultans in late 2018, we never imagined that the game would resonate with women as much as it did – and two years later, the player community continues to grow, with women at the forefront. Game of Sultans ‘ next major update, v2.

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How do I increase my fortune in Sultans?

Your fortune automatically regenerates by a point (1) for every 15 minutes if you have fortune below 110. Additionally, you can increase it from VIP bonus, by using Fortune Amulet (item), and by playing through your Daily Quests (and earning the rewards from the chests).

Who is the best vizier in game of Sultans?

Davut works best when combined with one of the other Viziers on the list. Davut has a Military specialty and is linked to the Consort Clara, and has a base Military stat of 80, a Research stat of 20, a Political stat of 10, and a Prestige stat of 40. The high Military and Prestige stats make Davut an invaluable Vizier.

How do I increase my vizier power?

4 Main Ways to Strengthen Your Viziers:

  1. Level-up – go to the vizier’s window, pick the vizier of choice, and from here, make sure you are in the “details” tab.
  2. Develop – a vizier’s basic set of attributes is dependent on the talent that he has.
  3. Rewards – you can use tomes to improve on your vizier’s attributes.

How do you cheat in Sultans?

how to enter hack cheats Game of Sultans.

  1. J5x4OSxFhR2OW6c – speed up.
  2. mb26c5joUPSrFWa – pet.
  3. HxLJZSDxc8LHUi0 – ingredients.
  4. s7YIk7XUz4rWvIP – promo code.
  5. ByV6Lka3dTG1esA – coupon.
  6. Dk32XbqBSNTy8qW – money.
  7. Exo0xbaOEEZWlwH – gem crystal (diamonds)
  8. Y2zVkK8EuR7kuN0 – premium pack.

What are the levels in game of Sultans?

  • Baltac (Master Sultan III)
  • Alamus (Master Sultan IV)
  • Yusuf (Grand Sultan I)
  • Candar (Grand Sultan II)
  • Semi (Grand Sultan III)
  • Alihad (Grand Sultan IV)
  • Serdar (Royal Sultan I)
  • Tahrun (Royal Sultan II)
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How many consorts can you have in game of Sultans?

Companions. The companions are the wives (or husbands) of the Sultan. Many companions have both female and male versions. There are currently 30 consorts available.

How do you marry in Sultans game?

Marrying your Heirs in Game of Sultans You can hit the Matchmake button in the Marriage menu and eventually you will find somebody to marry – but this takes time and many trials.

Is Game of sultans Chinese?

Game of Sultans is produced by a Chinese studio, Mechanist Games, which has an office in the port city of Xiamen. In 2011, the game was transferred to the portfolio of another company also founded by Lindsay, Mechanist Games (the company also published the games Spirit Guardian, Heroes of Skyrealm and War Clash).

Can I change my gender in game of Sultans?

We’re thrilled to announce that an initial rollout has just started, and will be available to all servers quite soon! To change a female consort into a male companion, all you will need is a Shape- change Stone to change their gender.

How much does VIP cost in game of Sultans?

Costs 49.99 USD and awards 4999 VIP points.

What can I spend gold on in game of Sultans?

Gold is a currency in Game of Sultans. It is primarily used for the upgrading of viziers, and is boosted by the Research trait. Gold can also be used to buy items in some events, and to upgrade the cannon used in the Campaign.

What is PvP level in game of Sultans?

PvP (Player versus Player) Viziers can battle each other after reaching level 60. There are 4 attempts available everyday. Each attempt has a cooldown of 60 minutes. Players can use PvP seals to gain a number of additional attempts equal to the number of level 60+ Viziers you have in your roster plus 5.

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