How do you get the Tempest spell?

Finish your main quest line and get yourself a spiral key to Marleybone, then you will be able to get your Tempest spell.

How do you get the tempest treasure cards?

Tempest is a Storm school only spell, so you will never be able to train it. You can get treasure cards by gardening certain plants. The card also drops from a lot of bosses and a few crowns packs.

What pets give tempest?

Pets Which Give This Card: Mulberry Hound.

How do you get the tempest card in wizard101?

You get it at level 28 by doing a quest, if you’re Storm. The quest requires you to go through the Throne Room of Fire instance, I think. Unfortunately, you cannot train it if you aren’t Storm.

What does Tempest do in wizard101?


Spell Information
Type /
Deals 80 Storm Damage per Pip to all enemies

What level is storm Lord wizard101?

Required Character Level: 48.

How do you get the wraith pet in Wizard101?

Re: How do you get wraith pet? You get it from a death quest at level 48. Once you finish that quest you will receive the Wraith pet and a spell called scarecrow.

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What level is Orthrus?

Level 48 – Orthrus. So here’s a quick little walkthrough for those of you Conjurers anticipating your Orthrus quest. Upon reaching level 48, Professor Drake will contact you. If you do not receive his Tip right upon level up, try teleporting to your home and see if you get the notification then.

What is a hybrid PET Wizard101?

From Wizard101 Wiki. Hybrid pets are special pets which can be hatched by breeding specific pairs of pets in the Pet Hatchery.

What level do storms get tempest?

Re: how to get the tempest spell But you get the quest AT Level 28.

What level do u get tempest?

per pip to all enemies. Requirements: Required Character Level: 28.

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