How do you get Elreon?

Hi., You have two options – need to get Elreon to spawn in a Betrayal encounter and get veiled rings or amultes that have Elreon’s Veil and get lucky with RNG. Or you can buy veiled items with Elreon’s Viel and hope RNG is good to you. I’m confused.

Where is Elreon Poe?

Elreon can be found in areas as early as The Coast, while the chances of him appearing become completely random upon entering Cruel. Chalk it up to RNG.

Who is Elreon Poe?

Elreon, Loremaster was one of the eight Forsaken Masters. His crafting options revolve around amulets and rings. Elreon is voiced by New Zealand actor, John Sumner.

How do you find Elreon rings?

Go to official trade site. Search for rings then select vieled. Hover over the of vieled in bottom right and look for elreon then click it to sort those to top.

How do I find veiled mods?

Veiled modifiers can be found on items dropped by Immortal Syndicate members. The modifier will do nothing until it is taken to Jun, Veiled Master to unveil it. Unveiling the mod gives you up to three choices on what the modifier will be.

How do I get a Praxis ring?

Praxis Farming – How to get it? You can obtain it by killing monsters, farming divination cards. However, these ways are not guaranteed. The best way to get it is through exchanging PoE currency items.

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How can cyclone mana cost be reduced?

The easiest way is to target elreon in the syndicate until he drops a reng with – mana cost. Also target farming serrated fossils in frozen hollows. Both the biome, fossil and the mod are common so it shouldn’t take long. Until you can make your cyclone 0 mana having some mana regen helps for moments when you OoM.

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