How do you unlock the TT on Diddy Kong Racing?

To unlock t.t, you must race his ghost in time trial mode on every track (including the bonus space world), and beat him. For every track you beat him on, a t.t symbol will be displayed on the time trial screen before a race begins in time trial.

What does TT amulet do?

The T.T. Amulet’s purpose is to unlock the T.T. Door in Future Fun Land, which leads to the second and final race against Wizpig. The player must also have every Golden Balloon to enter.

Where are the keys in Diddy Kong Racing?

2)the second key location is in “snowflake mountain” in “snowball valley” as soon as you begin the race head left(with no bost) you will see a road follow the road and you will find a small squre entrance and you will see the key 3)the third key is located in “shibit island” on “crescentisland” you will begging the

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How do you beat Wizpig in Diddy Kong Racing?

re: Wizpig 1 You just have to get in front of him and move around and hit him with items it you keep practicing then you may be able to beat him just think of someone you really hate and then race thinking who this is that you want to beat.

How do you enter cheats on Diddy Kong Racing?

Cheat Codes

  1. FREEFRUIT – Start with 10 bananas.
  2. TOXICOFFENDER – All balloons are green.
  3. DOUBLEVISION – Two players can use the same character.
  4. OPPOSITESATTRACT – All balloons are rainbows.
  5. BODYARMOR – All balloons are yellow.
  6. BOMBSAWAY – All balloons are red.
  7. ROCKETFUEL – All balloons are blue.

Who is the fastest character in Diddy Kong Racing?

T.T. is a living stopwatch who helped organize Time Trials. If players beat his records on every track, he becomes a playable character. He has the best acceleration, great handling, and is the fastest character in the car and hovercraft, and second fastest in the plane.

How many balloons are in Diddy Kong Racing?

After the player’s character wins at a race, Taj gives them a Golden Balloon. A total of 47 Golden Balloons appear in the game.

How do I get to Future Fun Land?

Future Fun Land does not have its own Challenge Level, and is the only world without one. This world can only be accessed if the player wins all four Trophy Races and won the first race against Wizpig. Afterward, they must head toward a billboard in the beach area of Timber’s Island.

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How do you get speed boost on Diddy Kong Racing?

You can tap B quickly during, or just before touching the zippers, for better turns and/or more speed. Holding up while snaking is another way to gain more speed during boosts. Barrel rolls gives you a small speed boost, so try to do them as often as possible.

How do you get green boost in Diddy Kong Racing?

As you approach a zipper, take your finger off the accelerator, and then just press the button again (don’t hold it down, just tap it) as you cross the zipper. The flames at the back of your car will be green instead of pink, and you’ll get an extra boost.

What is Adventure 2 in Diddy Kong Racing?

Yes. To UNLOCK adventure 2 you have to beat the game with everything, but to actually access adventure 2 you just start a new file, select adventure 2, and then go about doing the same thing you did before, just with mirrored tracks.

Is Diddy Kong Racing hard?

User Info: Distant_Rainbow. The A.I. is quite manageable. Not pushover-easy, and it does get better as you go on, but even in the hardest stages, just fighting the A.I. is perfectly manageable and not too hard. Some of the later courses are tough as well, but never TOO tough.

Who are the characters in Diddy Kong Racing?

Characters in Diddy Kong Racing

  • Diddy Kong.
  • Conker the Squirrel.
  • Bumper the Badger.
  • Taj the Genie.

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