What is the wand at Great Wolf Lodge?

Your wand will remember all of your completed quests, to pick up where you left off at your next visit to any Great Wolf Lodge! You get to decide how much time you want to spend in the realms of MagiQuest. Each quest takes 15 to 30 minutes to complete, and you can choose how many quests you undertake at a time.

How do you play MagiQuest at Great Wolf Lodge?

MagiQuest turns Great Wolf Lodge into a live-action game where you’re the star. You’ll choose a special magic wand, top it with extra powers, and set off on a quest. Play for a few minutes or all day. Be sure to take your wand home and continue your adventure on your next trip to Great Wolf Lodge.

Is MagiQuest worth the money?

MagiQuest It’s worth the $35 – but get your kids to share a wand and work on their “team building” skills. It’s not worth it for children that are too young to understand the game. Pick up a $10 flashing wand at the gift shop and your little one will think they are playing right along with the big kids.

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Is MagiQuest only at Great Wolf Lodge?

Great Wolf Resorts made an agreement with Creative Kingdoms in 2008 to install the game at all current Great Wolf Lodge resorts.

Can you bring outside food to Great Wolf Lodge?

You can absolutely bring your own food and drink to the lodge. There is a mini refrigerator in the room as well as a microwave. Outside Food and beverage is NOT permitted in the waterpark itself, but in your room/lobby area is fine. There is a mini refrigerator in the room as well as a microwave.

How much do wands cost at Great Wolf Lodge?

It’s $20 for the wand and then $20 to activate the game. The wand you get to keep for your next trip to The Great Wolf Lodge. It stores all your information, and you can start the game where you left off.

What age is MagiQuest for?

For kids age five and under, Mini Magi Mode provides all the magic of MagiQuest but in a game that is specifically designed for younger Magi to explore and experience throughout the lodge.

Can you reuse MagiQuest wands?

yes, magiquest wands can be used at any Magiquest location ( we also used em in Pigeon Forge), over and over again. they ‘ll even replace batteries if needed so don’t do it at home if u have a topper that isn’t lighting up:).

How late can you play MagiQuest?

The MagiQuest game ‘activates’ at a set time each morning and turns off at a set time each night. These times vary slightly by season and lodge, but are generally posted as 9 am and 10 pm. The evening shutdown seems strictly adhered to, but often, however, the game is turned on earlier than posted in the mornings.

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Can I cancel Great Wolf Lodge reservation?

Cancellation policy: You have up to seven days prior to arrival to cancel with a fee of 15% of your deposit. If you cancel four to six days prior to arrival, there will be a 30% fee, and three days or less of arrival, the deposit becomes non-refundable.

What does the Wolf Pass include?

Packages are based on availability.

  • One game of MagiQuest.
  • One MagiQuest classic wand, standard topper or Magi belt.
  • One Furry Friend from Build-A-Bear Workshop (outfit not included )
  • $5 to spend at our Northern Lights Arcade.
  • One Great Wolf Lodge Candy Shop candy cup.
  • One scoop of ice cream from Bear Paw Sweets & Eats.

How many days do you need at Great Wolf Lodge?

The most popular length of stay, according to Great Wolf Lodge company representatives (or “pack members”), is one day and two nights. That seems the wisest choice for avoiding sensory and budgetary overload as well. The water park is for resort guests only, and—important note—admission is included in your room rate.

Can I use Great Wolf Lodge without staying there?

Now you can enjoy Great Wolf Lodge’s water park without staying the night. Though the water park used to be available only to overnight guests of the resort, this new program gives families the option of spending a quick, fun day at the water park without staying overnight.

Is MagiQuest still a thing?

MagiQuest is now wholly owned by Great Wolf Resorts and is a featured attraction at all Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park resorts. The facilities are separate from the lodge and usually consist of four floors of activity space linked with stairs and netted walkways.

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Where is the forgotten hall at Great Wolf Lodge?

The Forgotten Hall is the only major game area on the second floor (the main lobby floor). It is a plain white hallway located on the left side of the main lobby, across from the front desk.

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