Can I kill Hexxat?

No not realy. There is no quest regarding Jaheira specificaly in Irenicus dungeon. Even if you were on her specific quest and there was a dialogue option to attack her, there should be some quest upgrade in the journal after you kill her.

How long does confusion last Baldur’s Gate?

The spell lasts for 1 round for every two levels of the caster.

What is the worth of a single mortal life?

It’ll then ask, “ What is the worth of a single mortal life?” I answered, “No one’s life is worth more than any other.” The Hooded Skeleton replied and said it was satisfied.

How do you get Hexxat?

You must recruit Hexxat before Chapter 4, if you haven’t met her before sailing to Brynnlaw, you miss the chance to recruit her. She can be found in Dragomir’s Tomb entered from Athkatla Graveyard after accepting Clara’s request in Copper Coronet in Slums.

How do I get rid of confusion in Baldur’s Gate?

There’s a harp you can get that removes confusion status. Only a bard of thief with UAI can use it. I found it quite helpful tbh. Chaotic Commands is a level 5 priest spell that would be useful here (druids and clerics can get this).

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How do I get rid of stun in Baldur’s Gate?

Stun can be prevented by Free Action (Cleric or ring). All the rest can be prevented with Caotic Commands (Cleric and Druid). Potions of Clarity work against Confusion as well. There are some weapons/items that provide a Mind Shield too (that talking sword and the Unicorn Spear among others).

What is a confusion spell?

Spell Effect: The confusion spell forces a target’s mind to lose focus and clarity. This spell can be especially harmful to mages, who depend on their ability to concentrate and focus in order to cast spells.

Where is the hooded skeleton?

Where is the Hooded Skeleton found? The Hooded Skeleton is originally found in a secret room in the Dank Crypt. While in the secret room, players can open up a sarcophagus, which reveals the undead creature.

Who is the skeleton in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Hooded Skeleton is an NPC in Baldur’s Gate 3. Hooded Skeleton can be found at Dank Crypt. Hooded Skeleton A mysterious and terrifying Skeleton with a lost look.

Is Baldur’s Gate 3 worth?

Is Baldur’s Gate 3 worth it? Ultimately, the answer to that question will come down to the price and how willing you are to part with $59.99 USD for an unfinished game. There’s a lot to enjoy here, and a lot to be engrossed by. But, there are also problems that’ll frustrate and annoy you to no end.

Where is bag of holding bg2?

The bag of holding is in chapter four as it was previously stated.

Where is Anomen?

Anomen is available to be recruited for the party from chapter two on. He can be found in the Copper Coronet in the Athkatla Slums. His initial reactions are different, depending on the gender of the character who approaches him.

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Where does Viconia go Baldur’s Gate?

Viconia DeVir is available to recruit from Chapter One. She can be found in the north-west corner of the Peldvale area, where she is being chased by a Flaming Fist officer. This officer wants to kill her, which the party can choose to allow or prevent.

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