How do you teleport out of rev caves?

The location of the Revenant Caves. Using a burning amulet, teleport to either outside the Lava Maze or the Bandit Camp. Use the Wilderness Obelisks to teleport to the level 35 obelisk, before running north to find the high levelled entrance.

Can you use burning amulet in wilderness?

Useful teleports around the wilderness. A burning amulet is a topaz amulet enchanted via the Lvl-3 Enchant spell. When rubbed, the amulet can teleport the player to various locations in the Wilderness; players will be given a warning before teleporting. After all five charges are used, the amulet will disintegrate.

How do you stop revs from healing?

Revenants are also capable of healing whenever their health falls below 50%. Although they can constantly heal themselves, their healing ability is limited, and they don’t eat as fast as they would normally do. To block a revenant’s damage and aggression, a charged bracelet of ethereum must be worn at all times.

How do you kill revs in Osrs?

Weapon: you can use Craw’s bow, Ballista, Magic shortbow, Crossbows, or Blowpipe. Most players use Blowpipe (5.65M OSRS gp) on Revenants. The Blowpipe with high tier darts is one of the most powerful weapons to kill Revenants with. Revenants are weak to Crush, but not too much, so other attack styles still work.

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How do I get into Rev caves?


  1. Revenant cave teleport, which teleports the player to the level 40 entrance.
  2. Burning amulet, can take players to the level 17 Wilderness entrance via the Bandit Camp option, or the level 40 entrance via the Lava Maze option.
  3. Wilderness Obelisks can take players to both entrances.

Does Ring of wealth affect Revenant drops?

The Ring of Wealth does not affect drops from LootShare.

Can you cannon in Rev cave?

Players wearing the Amulet of avarice will find that all drops from revenants will also be in noted form at the cost of being permanently skulled while it is equipped. A dwarf multicannon cannot be placed in the caves. Warning: The entire area counts as the Wilderness. Players will be able to attack you here.

How do you kill the Revenant?

The most reliable way to take out a revenant is to go in bare-handed and build stun damage. Once you stun one, you can execute it by hitting R3. As this foe tends to be quick and shifty, it’s much easier to initiate an auto- kill with a full stun bar than chasing them all over the place.

How do I get out of revenant Phasmophobia?

A player will not be able to outrun a Revenant for long before it catches up to them. If you are caught running from a Revenant, your last resort is to use Smudge Sticks to disorient it for a few seconds, giving you enough time to break line of sight by turning corners and/or closing doors and hide from it.

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How do I make a burning amulet?

A ball of wool can be used on the unstrung amulet to create a strung topaz amulet, which can then be enchanted at level 49 Magic using the Lvl-3 Enchant spell to create a burning amulet.

Where do I get the burning amulet?

Teleport locations

  • Chaos Temple (level 15 Wilderness)
  • Bandit Camp (level 17 Wilderness)
  • Lava Maze (level 41 Wilderness)

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