Fashion with Purpose

AGOOA is a culture and a lifestyle with meaning that gives back to the world. It was born as the perfect channel to realize love for art, design and the environment. Its nature is pure creativity that turns an idea into wearable art.

WE BELIEVE that is possible to be fashionable while in harmony with the planet. For this reason, each AGOOA design that we create for you uses the finest materials found in exotic places like the Rainforest, Andes Mountains and mines of Semi-Precious Gems from around the globe.

Every AGOOA jewelry piece you buy carries with it the ability to help preserve the environment and save endangered species. Particularly important to us are African elephants, who are killed every day for their ivory.

Your purchase helps support our mission as we donate a percentage of our proceeds to 1% For The Planet, which is one of the most dedicated and transparent charity organization in the world.

Start enjoying today the timeless, edgy, sophisticated and bright style of AGOOA.

Join our journey, help the environment and BELIEVE in the power of positive actions!