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What a Wondrous World Earrings | AGOOA | AGOOA Jewelry | Natural Jewelry

AGOOA specializes in high-end jewelry that empowers you with the healing benefits of gemstones. Inspired by the wonder that surrounds us are the What a Wondrous World Earrings, featuring negativity-dispelling druzy. Feel harmony all around, and clear your mind, so you feel nothing but what the world wants to give you. 

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 Mendenhall Glacier | AGOOA Blog | Travel & Adventure

Alaska is a wild wilderness of the whole land, and there’s plenty of great sights to see out there. If you want to see the wonders of nature’s creation, head to Juneau and seek out the Mendenhall Glacier. Mendenhall Glacier is one of the area’s biggest attractions, and it’s worth seeing. Not only will you leave with astounding pictures, but you’ll also find yourself in awe at the glory of the glacier’s icy caves. Measuring 13 miles long, Mendenhall Glacier is located in the Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area in the Tongass National Forest. You’ll find the ice caves by traveling into the glacier by kayak, then climb to reach the blue-iced walls of the caves. There awaits an ethereal sight, as the ice caves appear to be from another planet. Recently scientists have turned their attention to the glacier as the average temperatures in the area warm up, so if you want to see it, see it now. A trip to the ice caves isn’t guaranteed and not recommended for beginners, but tour groups do offer a chance, so don’t let yours pass you by.


Minimalism | AGOOA Blog | Mind & Soul Easy Tips

Minimalism may seem like a fad, but to many, it’s a way of life. Reducing the clutter in your life, in all facets of your life, can leave you feeling freer and happier. Too often we find ourselves working to pay for the possessions you don’t even use, or racing to keep up with our friends who are buying the next “it bag.” Isn’t it time to get back to basics? You can start small and then build as you feel more confident about being minimalist. 

Possessions - Do you have anything you can get rid of? Target your duplicate items or items that you haven’t used in 12 months, and find them a new home by donating, selling or giving them away.

Relationships - Are there relationships that leave you feeling stressed, upset or sick? It may be time to let them go. Work towards bridging the gaps if needed, and talk to an understanding friend or family member for advice on how to move forward.

Gifts - As the holiday season approaches, give less, but mean more. This year, you could offer to give experiences, such as a night out with a fancy dinner, or a trip to hear a favorite band. You may also pledge to try a new activity with the gift recipient.


Museum of the Moving Image  | AGOOA Blog | Arts & Culture Ideas

New York is known for some great museums, but have you heard of the Museum of the Moving Image? The Queens attraction is dedicated to the world of pop culture of the stage and the big and small screen. Not only does the museum screen over 400 movies for the public each year, but they also offer immersive experiences and extensive exhibits of a variety of topics. The museum’s main exhibition is comprised of over 1,400 artifacts including costumes, screenplays, storyboards, props and more, all collected to show the power of the moving image. Martin Scorsese will be featured this December in an exhibition that runs through April 2017. Not only will you see an exhibit that features the films of his beloved New York City, but he’ll also be treated to a story told of his life and the cinema around it. The museum has promised projections of scenes, personal possessions, behind-the-scenes images, and more. They’ll also feature screenings of not only his films, but also the films he helped restore at the Film Foundation.


Turmeric | AGOOA Blog |  Great Health Easy Tips | AGOOA

We sell jewelry that gives back, but we also want you to give to yourself, which is why we help you make sound choices for health. Herbs and spices are some of the best additives for your food, and each of them offers a great benefit for your overall health. Turmeric is popping up in various drinks and dishes, and if you’ve been wondering about this superfood, here’s what you should know. Turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory and is an excellent detoxifying agent. It’s also been known to help with boosting your metabolism and is often taken with honey. Try adding it to your rice or egg dishes, or even a smoothie. You can even use it in your beauty routine by rubbing it on your skin in a scrub. It’s being proven to be a great acne fighter.

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