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Art that Illuminates Your Day

Art that Illuminates Your Day


Serenity and Intention Bracelet | AGOOA | AGOOA Jewelry | Natural Jewelry

The holidays can be frenzied, and it seems like each year the pace for doing everything and anything just picks up. Keeping an eye on everything for a holiday is hard without a clear head, which is what amethyst supplies. The Serenity and Intention Bracelet features a luminous amethyst gemstone that not only helps inspire strength, it also aids in financial decisions, and will let you stay grounded during this wild time. 




San Juan de Puerto Rico | Travel & Adventure | AGOOA Blog | Lifestyle with Meaning

When it comes to winter travel plans, some people just prefer sun to snow. Travel + Leisure's readers voted San Juan, Puerto Rico as their number 1 travel destination this winter. In addition to its mild weather, there is plenty of history and a vibrant atmosphere to soak in along with the ocean breezes. Old San Juan is a lovely example of beautifully preserved buildings and old world charm. The streets still have their iconic blue cobblestones, and there are plenty of boutiques and restaurants for any taste. Visit Hotel El Convento, which was the island's first convent. El Convento housed Carmelite nuns for 250 years. Since 1959, it has served as a hotel and bar. History lovers will adore the Castillo San Felipe del Morro, a massive fort that holds over 500 years of island history. And for those who love the nightlife, San Juan's Condado strip provides plenty of music, dancing, and food. Like Miami's South Beach, Condado does all this beachside, offering fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean.




Easy and Practical Good Habit Tips | Mind & Soul | AGOOA Blog | Lifestyle with Meaning

As we’re focused on giving you jewelry that empowers you, we want to make sure that you that you’re healthy and fulfilled in mind and soul. One of the best ways to ensure that you are leading an uncluttered and unchaotic life is to create healthy habits, which can be harder to build than bad ones. We fall into bad habits so quickly that we often don’t see the pattern or how our repeated habit is harming us. The focus should be on falling into healthy habits and continuing to make those choices for your best health. The first step is to choose a practice you’re going to develop and why you’re going to develop it.

For instance, if you decide you’re going to adopt a habit to help with stress management, you should make a habit of improving your productivity. This practice could involve something simple like using a planner to map out goals or dedicating yourself to going through your inbox every day at a particular time.

Next, you’re going to want to make sure that you write down that habit in a place where it can be seen, so you are reminded that you need the action.

Finally, each time you make the habit, praise yourself and make a notation of the pattern. If you journal, be sure to write about how good you felt making a good habit a must-do part of your day. If you follow these guidelines, you will do the practice every day or every week before you know it. You can then extend the same effort to more habits, such as those associated with health, fitness, family and relationships, and more.



American Sign Museum | Arts & Culture | AGOOA Blog | Lifestyle with Meaning

The neon sign has been an iconic part of American history for over a century, and today these signs are a beautiful relic of the past. This form of art is rapidly disappearing, as technological advancements have led to the invention of the LED sign. For a time, Las Vegas, New York City, and all of the prominent destinations of America were lit up in neon, and the signs still have their fans. If you want to see the neon sign’s evolution, there’s one place you can visit to be surrounded in a world of neon. Cincinnati, Ohio is the home to the American Sign Museum, a collection of signs and an ode to the signs of yesteryear. Located in a former women’s clothing factory, the museum is home a huge collection of signs spanning over 19,000 feet; an additional 20,000 feet is in the process of being prepared to house other pieces. You’ll see signs from hotels, restaurants, churches, drugstores, bars, clubs, and more in this large space. Walking through the exhibits, you can see the history and culture of the spaces they once occupied. The art of neon signs hasn’t died yet, however, and the museum even includes a working neon shop on-site, and the museum also features an archive of publications and documents related to the world of neon signs. 



Best Tips for Working at a Desk | Health Renewal | AGOOA Blog | Lifestyle with Meaning

 If you work a desk job, you probably spend many hours hunched over your desk, but this position can take its toll on your body. To keep your body in the best shape, you need to think about how you hold it throughout the day, but you also need to stretch your muscles. Ergonomic experts recommend taking a break from your computer screen every hour to rest your eyes, and that’s the perfect time to get in a good stretch. Stretching every day has proven benefits, especially if you stretch while at work. Not only will you have increased energy levels, but you’ll also experience less pain from being in one position for too long. Your coordination can also be improved with a stretch, and it also nourishes your body, because when you stretch, blood flow is increased to the muscle. If you’ve ever had a powerful knot in your muscles, you know how much it aches when the knot is “released,” and stretching regularly will lessen the probability of knots. Stretch your neck, arms, and legs several times a day, and you will be amazed by the difference in how you feel. It’s a good investment of 10 minutes for hours and hours of no pain.


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