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Look and Feel Renewed with Nature

Look and Feel Renewed with Nature

Hamsa Agate Necklace - Best Jewelry for Women - Real Gemstones - AGOOA Jewelry - AGOOA Blog

The Strength Be With You Hamsa Necklace features a spiritual symbol of protection known as the Hamsa hand. The Hamsa has a history that dates back to Ancient Egypt, and is popular throughout the Middle East. Our necklace features an agate, which has powerful mystical properties. The Hamsa symbol protects you and boosts your power, while the gemstone awakens talents, delivers great sleep and helps you find balance.

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Wonderful Places in US - Hotel Valley Ho - Travel-Time for Yourself - AGOOA Jewelry - AGOOA Blog

Sometimes to truly “get away,” we need to go a place that feels completely different than the traditional hotel chains we might visit. The 1950’s was a decade that still inspires us today, with the modernist style still present in furniture, fashion, and even pop culture. If you want to feel as if you’ve traveled back in time, yet have the modern conveniences of boutique hotels, the Hotel Valley Ho is the place. The hotel opened in 1956, and was designed by Edward Varney, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. After its opening, Hotel Valley Ho welcomed celebrities like Zsa Zsa Gabor and Bing Crosby, and was a popular stop in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In 2002, after being owned by Ramada for since 1973 and being reduced to just another ho-hum hotel, the Hotel Valley Ho was restored back to its mid-century glory. The hotel features a tower and the original hotel, with each part featuring its own unique hip furnishings. The rooms and suites feature private balconies and patios, plus plush bedding, luxury bath amenities and more. If you’re really stressed, you can visit the on-site spa, then finally, grab a bite to eat at the hotel’s restaurant, ZuZu.


Amethyst Benefits - Gemstones Benefits - Jewelry that Empowers You - AGOOA Jewelry - AGOOA Blog

Taking care of your body, mind and soul are crucial to living a fulfilling life. AGOOA wants you to make choices that are affirming to your soul. We hope this information guides you toward this path.

The amethyst is not just a beautiful gemstone, it’s a powerful one as well. Believed by the Greeks to aid in battle and business, amethyst is a vibrant stone that has been popular for centuries. Amethyst has appeared in the crown jewels and in countless pieces of jewelry, and can bring its benefits into your jewelry as well. The gemstone is excellent for creative individuals, as its powers can help inspire new strokes of imagination and inspiration. Even night isn’t immune to the power of the amethyst, as an amethyst placed under the pillow can bring good dreams. You’ll also feel lighter and less stressed wearing amethyst, with the gemstone bringing you an inner calm.


Life Without Envy: Ego Management for Creatives - Arts and Culture- Best Self-Help Book for Artists- AGOOA Jewelry - AGOOA Blog

Are you a creative? Do you find yourself constantly comparing yourself and your work to others? It’s a common problem and one author Camille DeAngelis explores in her book Life Without Envy: Ego Management for Creatives. In Life Without Envy, DeAngelis addresses the negative feedback loop a creative can fall into and shows you how to reprogram your brain to end the negativity. The end result for creators is a life full of joy and possibility, without the need to “prove yourself” to the world with your art. Once you’ve accomplished this, you’ll find more joy and inspiration in your work -- and do the work just for the sake of creating. 


Effective Detox Recipe - Watermelon Detox - Healthy Living - AGOOA Jewelry - AGOOA Blog

If you feel like you’re struggling to get through the day, or that you’re just not feeling up to par, you may need a detox. Detoxing is a way to “reset” your body, and purge it full of unwanted toxins. A detox will let you have reduced inflammation, help with weight loss, and even boost your skin’s health. Luckily, everything you need for a detox can be found in your fridge. Combine a few mint leaves with 2 cups of watermelon and a lime wedge into a glass of 12 ounces of water for an easy detox drink. The mint works for indigestion and soothing your stomach, while the watermelon is hydrating, and fights free radicals, and finally, the lime gives your immune system a boost. One glass of this, and you’ll feel better quickly.

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