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Fall's 5 Best Ideas for You

Fall's 5 Best Ideas for You


Black Double Druzy Ring - Best Jewelry for Women - Real Gemstone Jewelry - AGOOA Jewelry - AGOOA Blog

AGOOA Bliss and Wonder Ring features a set of black druzy, which works its way on imbalances in the body. Named for true feelings that describe a curiosity for the world, the gemstone ring is ideal for anyone whose mind feels cluttered. Druzy is known to assist with clear thinking, meaning you’ll see the calm through the storm. Meditating? The gemstone offers peace within. 

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Bordeaux France- Best Places to Vacation - Relaxing Vacations -AGOOA Jewelry - AGOOA Blog

When Lonely Planet made their list of 2017's hottest cities, many were surprised to see Bordeaux take the top spot. Wine aficionados already treasure the French city for its glorious vintage, but now visitors will be able to see the city in a new way, thanks to a high speed train that will make it from Paris to Bordeaux in just two hours. So what makes Bordeaux so special? Wine, food, architecture and the countryside.

Bordeaux is the sixth largest city in France, with around a quarter of a million people calling it home. Once considered a "sleeping beauty," Bordeaux has undergone a makeover during the last decade. An underground transportation system allowed the city to push cars out, making more room for pedestrians and bicycles. Now the city fully showcases its architecture, which has more preserved historical buildings than any city in France that isn't named Paris. Restaurants, cafes and bars keep the city lively. Those who crave a more rural experience will find themselves charmed by Bordeaux's countryside. A stroll along the Gironde River, will leave you feeling peaceful and refreshed.


Best Meditation - Time for Me - Mind Body and Soul Care - How to Relax - AGOOA Jewelry - AGOOA Blog

AGOOA believes that living in a way that nourishes your body, mind and soul is the key to a life that rewards you. Looking inward helps you determine who you are, how you fit in the world, and what you can bring to it for others.

Meditation is a habit that many of us want to get into, but we think we’re “too busy.” The truth is we just haven’t made time to meditate. You can meditate in as little as 5 minutes a day if you want to, you just need to remember to do so. One of the best ways to get in your daily meditation is to use an app. There are several free apps for iOS and Android devices that offer guided meditations on demand. Some apps will even feature music or nature sounds along with a calm, soothing voice lulling you to tranquility. Apps to consider include Headspace, Relax Melodies, Calm, Omvana or Take a Break. Each of these apps will offer clear, easy to follow meditations that let you take a moment of clarity. If you haven’t meditated yet, start today, because it offers plenty of benefits, including stress relief and increased happiness.


Royal BC Museum - Best Museum in Canada - Arts and Culture - AGOOA Jewelry - AGOOA Blog

Fall is a great time to visit British Columbia. The Royal BC Museum in Victoria houses and incredible collection of 7 million artifacts. The museum gives visitors stunning views of Victoria, and that's just the start of the excitement. The museum is divided into sections about Canada's natural history, its modern history, and the history of the people of the First Nations. Visitors can easily spend an entire day viewing the permanent and temporary exhibits. In 2016, The Royal BC Museum partnered with Chicago's Field Museum to create the amazing Mammoths! Giants of the Ice Age, which showcases the enormous mammoths and mastodons which once roamed the area. Lyuba, a 40,000 year-old baby mammoth who is the world's most completely preserved mammoth, is on display for the rest of the year. Those who are crowd-averse needn't worry; the Royal BC Museum hosts a sleepover "night at the museum" to allow people to spend an evening hanging out with special guests like Lyuba!


Pumpkin- Best Vegan Recipe - Healthy Living - Mind Body and Soul Care - AGOOA Jewelry - AGOOA Blog

Everything you put in your body has to be nourishing and healthy. Unfortunately, in our day-to-day rush, we often forget to make good sound choices when it comes to nutrition. AGOOA wants to share easy ways you can make small changes for your health.

Fall is here and with it comes the arrival of the pumpkin entrees. It seems like everywhere you look, pumpkin spice is appearing in one form or another. However, before you grab a pumpkin spice scone, consider adding pure pumpkin to your diet instead. Pumpkin has several health benefits. Eating pumpkin helps you get beta-carotene, which the body converts to Vitamin A. If you love the taste of pure pumpkin, you’re in luck, as a cup of pumpkin -- without added sugars -- is only 49 calories. It’s also a great source of potassium and is a handy substitute for oil, butter and margarine when baking. Pumpkin even has its use in some chili recipes as a hearty ingredient that doesn’t add a lot of fat to the meal. If you want to be good to yourself this fall, try some pumpkin in your dishes.

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