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5 Ideas for a Fabulous Spring

5 Ideas for a Fabulous Spring

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AGOOA Culture believes in jewelry that empowers you, and one of our ideal pieces is the Earth in Balance Ring. Featuring an agate, the ring depicts the tones of the earth, radiant and pure, ready for you to wear every day. As you wear the agate, you’ll feel grounded and balanced as the gemstone works its healing on you. Find a whole life in balance with this gorgeous piece of one-of-a-kind jewelry.



Napa Valley | AGOOA Blog | Natural Jewelry | #JewelryThatEmpowersYou

Are you looking for a new adventure next year? Napa, California might be just the place. While Napa is known largely for wine, it also offers other options for recreation. The city was founded in 1847 during the Gold Rush and has flourished ever since. First, for the wine fans, there’s the Castle Winery Tour, which features an hour and a half tour on a vintage cable car, lunch, and a tour of the Castello di Amorosa, a medieval-style Italian castle. The tour is a beautiful way to see some of the gorgeous scenery that is part of Napa, while the castle is a rare opportunity to see 13th-century Tuscan architecture.




The Best Story ofYour Life | AGOOA Blog | Natural Jewelry | #JewelryThatEmpowersYou                                 

Are you ready to live the best story of your life? We've been conditioned to believe that changing deeply ingrained habits and opinions takes time. But what if I told you that positive change could happen in your life in an instant, just by finding a new story for your life? That's precisely the argument made by Bob Litwin, a high-performance consultant who helps people become champions on Wall Street and in athletics, in his book Live the Best Story of Your Life. His message is that we should change the stories we have been telling ourselves about who we are – by learning to unlock the story of who we hope to become. The 33 personal coaching sessions in the book help you build your "spine," reanimating your life so that you can chase your dreams. If you love journaling, mindfulness and mind maps, you will love finding the next great story of your life.




The Cistern Houston | AGOOA Blog Arts & Culture | Natural Jewelry | #JewelryThatEmpowersYou

Houston is about to offer a one of a kind underground art experience. This week marked the opening of a unique art experience in the heart of Houston in Buffalo Bayou Park. The Water Works Underground Cistern is an enormous underground space that delivered water to the people of Houston, starting in 1926 and ending just a decade later. When the space was rediscovered in 2010, the city decided to reimagine the underground cavern as a unique place for public art. The Cistern is the size of a football field but is only accessible through small hatches. It has more than 200 thin columns, which generate a 17-second echo from any noise made inside the space. The first art installation just opened. Artist Donald Lipski's exhibition is called Down Periscope. The periscope allows visitors to look down into the cavern from above. That's not all: the website for Down Periscope lets users view the space and even control the periscope for five minutes at a time.




Strength Your Immune System | AGOOA Blog Health | Natural Jewelry | #JewelryThatEmpowersYou


This spring, you can make small changes for a big boost to your immune system. There are various foods to add to your diet that will help you ward off allergies. For example, citrus fruits such as oranges are perfect for keeping allergies at bay. However, honey garlic, honey, and yogurt are just as helpful. Don’t neglect the vegetable juice, either ---  drinking it before you feel tired will give you the fluids you need while providing the nourishing energy that comforts. 

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