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Colorful and Healthy Ways to a Vibrant Life

Colorful and Healthy Ways to a Vibrant Life



Dream Melody Ring | Rainforest Ivory Collection | AGOOA | Natural Jewelry | #JewelryThatEmpowersYou
Surround yourself with harmony with the Dream Melody Ring, featuring Rainforest Ivory. Rainforest Ivory is a botanical alternative to elephant ivory and grows in the South American rainforest. This all-natural, cruelty-free material is similar in hardness and durability to elephant ivory. We’ve used it here on the gemstone ring, which features a magenta age. If you’re making plans for growth in 2017, wear the Dream Melody Ring and let the agate help you awaken hidden talents. As a 1-Percent for the Planet member, AGOOA is committed to only using sustainable materials, and offering jewelry that gives back. A portion of our profits is donated to support the environment, communities in need, and African Elephant preservation causes. 




New York's City Library Hotel| AGOOA | Natural Jewelry | #JewelryThatEmpowersYou

Traveling is a great experience, but if you’re staying in a new place, you likely want a way to live a little differently than you do back home. One location to put on your must-stay list is New York City’s Library Hotel, located in Midtown Manhattan. As one of the country’s premier luxury hotels, the Library Hotel caters to bibliophiles and is one of the top-ranked hotels on TripAdvisor. The hotel features the library theme throughout its design, starting with the rooms. Each room is inspired by a category in the Dewey Decimal System and features art and furnishings applicable to the theme. The reader won’t go without a book, either, as the hotel features over 6,000 volumes on-site. Though the bustle of New York City is right outside your door, once you see the sheer number of books or the hotel’s Reading Room, you may be tempted to stay inside, especially with a cup of complimentary tea or coffee. Writers can find their inspiration at the Library Hotel’s Writer’s Den and Poetry Garden, which doubles at night as the Bookmarks Lounge, which serves literary-themed cocktails. Relax and watch your stresses melt away at any of the property’s cozy nooks and reading spots.



Chromotherapy | AGOOA | Natural Jewelry | #JewelryThatEmpowersYou

Have you heard of chromotherapy or color therapy? As a method of treatment that dates back to ancient Egypt, color therapy is a way to balance the chakras of the body. You can use color therapy to improve your days through your wardrobe, and it’s quite easy. Color therapy in your wardrobe helps you feel empowered by the various colors and lets their tones enhance your day. Here’s a look at the colors and what they indicate when worn:

Gold and Silver - Mystical and magical
Orange - Confidence, and sexuality
Red - Power, confidence, energy-boosting
Yellow - Willpower, happiness-boosting
Pink- Compassion, friendship and romance
Blue - Healing and calmness
Purple - Spirituality, royalty
Brown - Earth, natural, a grounding color
White - Purity, innocence
Green - Abundance, connection to everything

Keep these colors in mind as you choose a piece of clothing or jewelry, as we use gemstones that also offer these similar benefits. 



Infused Water | AGOOA Blog | Natural Jewelry | #JewelryThatEmpowersYou

Water is one of the most nourishing things for our bodies, but it can be hard to drink plain. If you want to drink water at it is in purest, without fake “flavorings,” you should turn to infused waters. Infused water lets you have adequate hydration and enjoy the benefits of water, but with a taste of natural fruit flavors. Infused water means you are taking the natural juices of fruits such as strawberries or pineapples and letting them flavor the water naturally. You can make your flavored water by placing the fruit in a glass of pure, clean water, then sit overnight in your refrigerator. In the morning, you’ll have fresh, tasty water. Here are a few great mixtures you can try for 32 ounces of freshly infused water.

1 grapefruit and a sprig of fresh rosemary leaves

1-2 sprigs of organic mint (vary according to how much you enjoy mint) and ½ a mango

5 slices of strawberry and a sprig of mint

This form of drinking water is healthier than getting the pre-flavored mixes or waters at the store because you know exactly what’s going into your body. Enjoy your new tasty yet healthy water!


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