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How to Have an Exciting Summer

How to Have an Exciting Summer

If you are planning on having a fantastic summer while devoting some time to take care of your mind, body, and soul, here are some exciting ideas:

Get Resort Ready

Here Comes the Sun Ring | AGOOA | Natural Jewelry | #JewelryThatEmpowers You
AGOOA offers jewelry that gives back with pieces that are good for the soul and the world. Radiate with positive energy throughout your body with the Here Comes the Sun Ring. This colorful gemstone ring is jewelry that empowers you, as the peach moonstone, marquise, citrine and smoky quartz offer healing in meditation, give a good night’s sleep and re-energize your spirit. Our cheery ring will have you feeling like the sun is shining all year long, particularly since the stones mimic the colors of the sunrise.

Travel & Adventure

AGOOA Blog | Travel & Adventure | How to Have an Exciting Summer | Whales | Natural Jewelry | #JewelryThatEmpowersYou

Whales are some of the most majestic creatures on Earth, and if you’ve never seen them in the wild, you’ll soon have your chance. Three whale pods typically are seen from April to October, so you have time to book your next adventure. North America has several prime locations for viewing whales, with spots in Oregon, California, Boston, Canada, Virginia Beach and more. The guide from Travel + Leisure will help you pinpoint the best spots, as well as the recommended times to go. Depending on the area and the time you go, you may see gray, orca, or humpback whales, as well as other aquatic creatures such as sea lion and sea otters.

Mind & Soul

AGOOA Blog | Mind & Soul | Aromatherapy | Natural Jewelry | Jewelry that Empowers You | #JewelryThatEmpowersYou


If you’ve ever received a massage, then you know how reinvigorated you can feel with the combination of scent and touch. Aromatherapy is an excellent way to balance your body and mind with essential oils from plants. Different blends can target specific areas or conditions in the body, improving memory, aiding in sleep, boosting energy and more. To get the benefits of aromatherapy, you can go to a skilled practitioner in your area for a massage, try using diffusers in your home, or add a few drops to a bath. Here are a few oils you can start with:
Lavender, Chamomile - Calming
Tea Tree - Purifying
Jasmine - Aphrodisiac
Peppermint - Increasing alertness
Lemon -
Basil - Soothe muscles
Rose - Skin-clearing

Arts & Culture


AGOOA Blog | American Watercolor in the Age of Homer and Sargent exhibit | Philadelphia Museum of Art | Natural Jewelry | JewelryThatEmpowersYou

Watercolor fans, you can let your senses be overwhelmed by this timeless art style at the American Watercolor in the Age of Homer and Sargent exhibit. Housed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art now through May 14, 2017, the exhibit features a collection of artwork from Winston Homer, John Singer Sargent, other masters with illustrations, plus designs for ceramic and stained glass pieces. 27 Homer pieces of artwork, 12 Sargent pieces, and over 100 other artists are displayed here, and only here; the exhibit was coordinated in-house and won’t travel to other museums. Once you’ve visited the exhibition and seen the rest of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, be sure you stroll through the museum’s Sculpture Garden, which features five sections across one acre.



AGOOA Blog | Health | Chia Seeds | Natural Jewelry | JewelryThatEmpowersYou

 You may have seen chia seeds listed as an ingredient for a smoothie, but do you know how good they are for your body? Chia seeds come from the Salvia Hispanica plant and offer several nutritional benefits such as fiber, protein, fat, and calcium. Try them as an easy topping for yogurt or oatmeal, or mix them into your smoothie for a powerful blast of healthy goodness. You can also bake chia seeds into bread, use them in a salad, or garnish roasted vegetables.

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